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July 31, 2011

S’mores and Hiking

by Ashley

S’mores and hiking… What do you think my two favorite parts of our camping trip were this weekend?  Ding! Ding!  You got it…s’mores and hiking!  S’mores are always something I look forward to when there’s a campfire around, and sure enough, they hit the spot this weekend!  Both evenings we got the chance to make some delectable s’mores.  To ensure that I was completely satisfied both evenings, I roasted two marshmallows each night.  Each one I paired with only one side of a graham cracker and a miniature Reese’s cup.  This way I was able to feel like I was able to enjoy two s’mores, but didn’t intake all of the calories that two s’mores would normally be.  Boy, did my tummy love them!  Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to capture any photos of my s’mores… I must have been too excited to gobble them up before taking a picture of them nonetheless.  I’m sure you can only imagine how tasty they were! 

Anyway, I’ll get off my “s’mores kick” now and fill you in on this fun weekend we had up American Fork Canyon.  We went with some friends/mentors of our’s from our church, along with their two kids.  Friday evening we all arrived and set up camp.  By the time camp was set up, it was dinner time.  Our friends have a “Can Cooker” that makes a wonderful meal that they brought along to cook us dinner for Friday.  It’s essentially a non-electric crockpot, meaning that it’s incredibly easy, and can be very healthy too!  We threw in chicken breasts, carrots, cabbage, potatoes, and corn-on-the-cob with a bunch of spices, and viola!  Delish!  We finished the evening with some s’mores and hit the hay early.  Below is a photo of us all eagerly anticipating our meal cooking on the fire.

Saturday morning we woke up and enjoyed a hot breakfast of eggs and bacon.  I spiced it up a bit by putting my eggs and a strip of bacon on a piece of wheat bread to make an egg sandwich and had a side of strawberries…yum!  Soon after breakfast, we hit the trails on a fun but tiring hike.  We found a hiking trail up to a lake called “Forest Lake”, which was beautiful.  The hike was uphill the entire way, so needless to say, we were all pretty sweaty and tired by the time we got to the lake.  I think we all decided the scenery of it was worth it though.  I’d say a three hour mostly uphill hike is a pretty good workout too!  I can’t complain about going on a beautiful hike for my Saturday morning workout! 

Cody and I at the lake (our hike's halfway point)

Ryan and Molly LOVED the lake

2 of my favorite boys on our way back from our hike. Ry is so dirty!

 We arrived back to our campsite a few hours later and were all hungry for some lunch.  I made myself a peanut butter and banana sandwich on an open faced piece of wheat bread.  Its mix of high fiber carbohydrates, protein, and healthy fats filled me up and gave me back some of that energy I lost while hiking.  I paired it with some baby carrots, and it was perfect!

Forgot to add the carrots in the picture, but I promise they were eaten too!

 We all relaxed for quite awhile in the afternoon which was nice after the long hike.  The boys shot the pellet gun, while the girls napped, read, and chatted.  Cody and I decided to take a four-wheeling trip later in the day, which was a big highlight of the weekend for me.  There were tons of four-wheeling trails all around, and I thoroughly enjoyed speeding along the trails while admiring the beautiful scenery.  One day Cody and I would like to get a couple four-wheelers, but until then, we’ll enjoy our friends’. 🙂

By the time we got back from our “four-wheeling adventure”, it was about dinner time!  I was excited about this meal: bratwurst and grilled corn and yellow squash over the fire.  I love bratwurst and any grilled vegetable…yum!  We grilled the food and dug in!  After dinner we enjoyed some board games with one another, and again enjoyed some s’mores.  We crashed pretty good as the night before we all didn’t sleep very well.  This morning, we arose as the sun did, enjoyed a morning campfire, and had an easy breakfast before we left.  I brought a couple Clif bars and fruit for Cody and I this morning.  It was a perfect little meal that was easy and nutritious before hitting the road.  We packed up our campsite after breakfast and headed home!  It was so nice to feel like we were several hours away from home but only be an hour away.  We got home, unpacked everything, showered (ahhh!), ate some lunch, and now we’re enjoying our technology that we missed the last couple days. 😉 

  • What are some of your favorite parts of camping?
  • Do you prefer to camp in a campground or in an unorganized camping area?
July 29, 2011

A Camping We Will Go…

by Ashley

This weekend Cody, the puppies, and I are going camping with some friends from our church.  Woohoo!  Camping was one of my all-time favorite trips to go on as a kid, and I still love it to this day.  There’s nothing like being in nature, eating campfire food, going on hikes, and smelling like a campfire the whole weekend!  Ha!  We haven’t had a chance to go yet this season, so we’re especially excited to get moving today and get to the mountains.  In Arizona, we had to drive anywhere from 2-4 hours to get out of the heat and find a good camping spot, so it’s quite a treat when we only have to drive an hour here in Utah to get out of the city.  We’re all geared up with some of our new camping supplies we got for our wedding: a tent, lantern, cooking stove, air mattress.  We’ll be camping in style!  At least compared to last summer with our “hillbilly tent”. (below) 😉

 The only thing that’s missing so far: food!  Such an important part of camping, in my opinion.  When my family went camping, my stepdad would always make the most amazing food.  It was something everyone always looked forward to on our camping trips.  I definitely won’t be able to live up to his camp-cooking abilities, but I’m sure going to make sure we have some yummy goodies and meals to take along! 

Here’s my shopping list:

-S’mores fixins (marshmallows/graham crackers/chocolate/Reese’s PB cups)…yes, I did add in an extra item!  Reese’s PB cups are amazing on s’mores!  Try it!  So I know s’mores aren’t anything close to “healthy”, but c’mon, it’s just something you have to have at least ONE of while you’re camping.  I’ll work it off while hiking around anyways, right? 😉


-Turkey bratwurst and buns (You may squeeze up your nose to the thought of turkey bratwurst, but even Cody can hardly tell a difference!  I promise!  They are amazing, and much better for you!  Yum!)

-Chicken (to grill over the campfire)

-Corn on the cob and asparagus (to grill over campfire as sides with our chicken & brats)

-Clif bars (Great for a quick breakfast or healthy afternoon snack)

-PB&J and turkey sandwich fixins (Easy, fairly healthy lunch)

-Fruit (peaches, strawberries, apples to munch on for snacks and meal sides)

-Baby carrots (another good snack to munch on)

-Trail Mix (delicious, energy-boosting snack)

There you have it!  I think I remembered everything…at least the important stuff.  Notice I put s’mores at the top of my list?  Can’t forget that one! 🙂  As you plan you’re camping trips this summer, I challenge you to think of some healthy but delicious snacks/meals you can pack to balance out the inevitable “less healthy” snacks/meals that come along with camping.  Enjoy the “camping staples” such as s’mores and hotdogs, but don’t overdo it and pair it with a healthy side or snack.  Also, move!  There’s no better place to move, hike, and walk around than the beautiful outdoors!  Off I go to get my morning workout on, finish some last minute grocery shopping, and pack up the truck!  See you Sunday! 

  • What are some of your favorite foods to have on a camping trip?
  • Are there any healthy meal or snack ideas that you have for camping?


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