What’s for Breakfast: Peanut Butter & Strawberry Jam on Toast, Water, & Coffee

by Ashley

Good morning sunshine!  This morning I had my “regular” breakfast: a slice of Nature’s Pride Double Fiber Wheat Bread with 2 tablespoons of Adam’s Natural Crunchy Peanut Butter and a swipe of sugar-free strawberry preserves, a cup of coffee with a dash of 1% milk, and a full glass of water.  I always make sure that I drink a big glass of water with my breakfast to hydrate me before the day starts, as well as fill me up a bit.  I like this breakfast in particular too because it is a healthy combination of protein, healthy fats, and carbohydrates to keep me full and give me energy all throughout the morning. 


I usually go in “phases” with my breakfasts.  I have a favorite for awhile, and then I get bored with it, so I change it up and eat something different for while.  That being said, I most likely won’t blog about my breakfasts very often since they’re the same most mornings.  I don’t tend to eat a lot for breakfast…it’s usually a meal that is anywhere between 300-350 calories.  I don’t usually feel super hungry in the morning, but I recognize how important breakfast is to jump-start my metabolism and give me energy to start my day.  Some people like to eat more calories in the morning and then eat less as the day goes on, but it’s all a matter of preference.  There are lots of “myths” about when and what time is best to eat, but it really just comes down to how many overall calories you eat throughout the day.  (This doesn’t mean I would recommend not eating all day, and then at 9pm downing 1500 calories!  NOT healthy!)

This breakfast will give me a good energy boost to help me teach the “Senior’s Fit for Life” class at my church this morning.  I love teaching this class!  I have been substituting this summer for the lady that usually teaches it when she is out of town, but I get to start teaching it full time at the end of August.  I’m so excited!  The ladies just crack me up and we all have such a fun time together.  Plus, it’s fitness!  Fitness+Fun=PERFECT!  Any chance I get to be involved in a fitness activity that is a lot of fun, I’m there!  Not only that, but it breaks up my work day a bit, which is nice too.  Ok, well off I go to get ready for the day…  See you all later!

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