A Camping We Will Go…

by Ashley

This weekend Cody, the puppies, and I are going camping with some friends from our church.  Woohoo!  Camping was one of my all-time favorite trips to go on as a kid, and I still love it to this day.  There’s nothing like being in nature, eating campfire food, going on hikes, and smelling like a campfire the whole weekend!  Ha!  We haven’t had a chance to go yet this season, so we’re especially excited to get moving today and get to the mountains.  In Arizona, we had to drive anywhere from 2-4 hours to get out of the heat and find a good camping spot, so it’s quite a treat when we only have to drive an hour here in Utah to get out of the city.  We’re all geared up with some of our new camping supplies we got for our wedding: a tent, lantern, cooking stove, air mattress.  We’ll be camping in style!  At least compared to last summer with our “hillbilly tent”. (below) 😉

 The only thing that’s missing so far: food!  Such an important part of camping, in my opinion.  When my family went camping, my stepdad would always make the most amazing food.  It was something everyone always looked forward to on our camping trips.  I definitely won’t be able to live up to his camp-cooking abilities, but I’m sure going to make sure we have some yummy goodies and meals to take along! 

Here’s my shopping list:

-S’mores fixins (marshmallows/graham crackers/chocolate/Reese’s PB cups)…yes, I did add in an extra item!  Reese’s PB cups are amazing on s’mores!  Try it!  So I know s’mores aren’t anything close to “healthy”, but c’mon, it’s just something you have to have at least ONE of while you’re camping.  I’ll work it off while hiking around anyways, right? 😉


-Turkey bratwurst and buns (You may squeeze up your nose to the thought of turkey bratwurst, but even Cody can hardly tell a difference!  I promise!  They are amazing, and much better for you!  Yum!)

-Chicken (to grill over the campfire)

-Corn on the cob and asparagus (to grill over campfire as sides with our chicken & brats)

-Clif bars (Great for a quick breakfast or healthy afternoon snack)

-PB&J and turkey sandwich fixins (Easy, fairly healthy lunch)

-Fruit (peaches, strawberries, apples to munch on for snacks and meal sides)

-Baby carrots (another good snack to munch on)

-Trail Mix (delicious, energy-boosting snack)

There you have it!  I think I remembered everything…at least the important stuff.  Notice I put s’mores at the top of my list?  Can’t forget that one! 🙂  As you plan you’re camping trips this summer, I challenge you to think of some healthy but delicious snacks/meals you can pack to balance out the inevitable “less healthy” snacks/meals that come along with camping.  Enjoy the “camping staples” such as s’mores and hotdogs, but don’t overdo it and pair it with a healthy side or snack.  Also, move!  There’s no better place to move, hike, and walk around than the beautiful outdoors!  Off I go to get my morning workout on, finish some last minute grocery shopping, and pack up the truck!  See you Sunday! 

  • What are some of your favorite foods to have on a camping trip?
  • Are there any healthy meal or snack ideas that you have for camping?


4 Comments to “A Camping We Will Go…”

  1. I’m jeolous!!! Wish I was coming along and I’m sure dad does too! Have a great time – love you!

  2. yummy stuff! I have heard someone else say how wonderful reeses is for s’mores! We had gotten into dutch oven cooking for our camping meals and my fav breakfast was scrambled eggs and bacon with some cheddar cheese & onions peppers & salsa cooked in the dutch oven to make breakfast wraps…It was great because our hot camping breakfasts prior to that did not stay hot cooking on an open camp stove as it is generally very cool in the mornings and the outer surface of what was cooking would cool before serving, so dutch oven would be wonderfully warm and delicious! What brand of turkey brats have you found that taste good? So far I have not found one or gave up trying cause most I have tried ruined dinner 😦 I did have a jenni’o italian that tasted better if I sliced it and cooked it verses eating it as one piece, I cook it with chopped peppers and onions so it took on the additional flavors. I have found a great white meat ground chicken & italian seasoned chicken sausage I really like for tacos and homemade pizzas, but so far nothing turkey .

    • Dutch oven cooking is wonderful too! That’s what my stepdad always used, and it was AMAZING! The brand of turkey brats I usually buy is “Honeysuckle”. I’ve found that at WalMart (I know, weird, but they’re good!) That meal you made with Italian sausage sounds wonderful!

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