Today’s Workout: 8-6-4-2 Cardio AND New Blog Title

by Ashley

Hey there friends!  I thought I’d take part of my lunch break to write a  post, so here it goes.  Last night I was dreading my workout for today.  Yesterday was definitely a lazy day and I was super tired from the lack of sleep I got from camping.  The thought of getting up early to get in a workout this morning was not the least bit exciting, but I set my alarm early this morning to get moving and get my workout in.  I thought it’d be difficult to get out of bed when I heard the beeping of my alarm this morning, but surprisingly it wasn’t too bad.  Fortunately, Cody and I went to bed pretty early, so I felt pretty rested when it was time to get up.  I was planning on doing a cardio sprint workout that I had compiled a few months back, but when I looked out the window it looked pretty gloomy and a possibility of some rain.  I told Cody I was bummed about having to do a workout video in the living room instead of doing my sprints outside, and he said, “So what’s a little rain going to do to you?”  I responded with, “Good point, I’m going!”  So I got on my running gear and headed outside to do get my cardio on.  It ended up being a beautiful, overcast, cool morning, which was perfect for an outdoor cardio workout.  I was glad Cody encouraged me to head outdoors this morning.  Here’s my “8-6-4-2 Cardio Workout” that got me all nice and sweaty:

-Run a half mile to warm-up and get your heartrate up

-Do 8 (50 ft) lengths of sprints

-Do 8 (50 ft) lengths of butt kicks

-Do 8 (50 ft) lengths of grapevines

-Do 8 (50 ft) lengths of high knees

-Do 20 walking lunges down one length and 20 walking lunges back

-Rest for one minute.  Cycle back through the exercises doing 6 lengths of each one, rest, then do 4 lengths, rest, then do 2 lengths.   

-Run another half mile to “cool down” 

This is a great high intensity 30-40 minute cardio workout that won’t let you get bored! 

I got home and the first thing Cody said to me was, “Phew, you stink!”  I laughed and said, “Don’t I normally stink after I get done working out?”  And he said, “Not this bad!”  Well, I must have had a good workout this morning! 🙂

Anyway, on to my next “topic” that I’m sure you noticed in this post’s title…”New Blog Title”.  Yes, yes, I changed it again.  I think this one is going to stick for awhile though, at least I hope so.  I wasn’t completely satisfied with my first title, and have been brainstorming a new one.  I wanted new readers to be drawn to the title, while also getting an idea of what my blog is all about.  “My Greatest Loves” just didn’t really seem to give readers an idea that my blog was centered around food, fitness, and fun, so I changed it up.  I’ve never been great with making titles for things.  It was probably one of the most challenging things for me when I would write papers in college, and I guess that hasn’t changed when it comes to my blog either!  I know exactly what I want my blog to be like and what I want it to be about, but the title was a little more cloudy for me.  I think I got it now though!  What do you think?  It still may not be as “creative” as some of the other great healthy living blogs out there, but I still think it’s to the point and gets my topic across. 

Ok, well back to work I go!  Sorry I don’t have any photos to share with you this afternoon… I’ll probably post later this evening and share some with you then!  Until then, Happy Monday!

2 Comments to “Today’s Workout: 8-6-4-2 Cardio AND New Blog Title”

  1. Hey Ashley!
    This workout looks great! Do you need to do it on a track? Or can you just use a trail outside?

    • It sure kicks my trash! 🙂 I run to a park near our house and either do it in the grass or in the parking lot (if there’s no cars, obviously). You can absolutely do it at a track though too. I probably would if I lived closer to one!

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