Favorite Time to Workout

by Ashley

I love Tuesdays.  They are my “chill at home-laundry-clean the house” kind of days.  It is my day off since Sunday is considered a work day for me at church, and it sure is a nice break toward the middle of the week.  I also love Tuesdays because I can work out whenever I want!  On work days, I usually try to wake up early and get in an early morning workout before I head to work.  If I can’t manage to get my butt out of bed early, I do it when I get home from work.  I’d much rather finish my workout in the morning because by mid-late afternoon, the thought of working out is not the least bit appealing!  However, waking up as the sun does to get a workout in isn’t always pleasant when the alarm goes off either.  That is why my favorite time of the day to workout is mid to late morning, right before lunch.  I feel completely awake, my breakfast is digested, it’s early enough in the day that I still feel like I have the rest of the day ahead of me, and I get to eat lunch to refuel right after I’m finished! 

I woke up and did my normal “morning routine” (breakfast, coffee, devotions, etc.), started the laundry, and cleaned the house all before 9 o’clock this morning.  Umm I’m pretty impressed if I do say so myself. 😉  I was nice and awake by that point, so I decided it was time to workout.  Today for my workout, I did a jog/brisk walk around my block for about 20 minutes before coming home to do PB Finger’s “Mega Circuit Workout.”  It kicked my booty last week, so I decided to do it again today, and it again got me all nice and sweaty!  I turned up my Pandora “Today’s Hits” station and got my workout on. 

I worked up a good appetite by the time I was done… thank goodness it was lunch time!  I was trying to decide what to have when I remembered a protein pancake recipe I saw on Carrots ‘N’ Cake this morning that was making my mouth water.  Unfortunately I had already eaten breakfast at that point, so I decided I’d save them for tomorrow’s breakfast.  Then I realized, why not have them for lunch??  I have breakfast for dinner sometimes, so I decided breakfast for lunch is absolutely acceptable as well.  They sounded amazing to me when I was finished with my workout, so I got right to work in the kitchen.  They took at tops five minutes to prepare, and were in my belly in no time.  I added a drizzle of low-cal maple syrup, a dust of powdered sugar, paired them with some strawberries, and let me just tell you…DELISH!  Not only are they very tasty, but they’re also packed with good fiber and protein.  These are definitely a keeper if I say so myself.  Thanks for the recipe Carrots ‘N’ Cake!

  • What time of day do you prefer to workout?  Why?
  • What is your favorite meal of the day?
  • Do you like having breakfast for lunch or dinner?

3 Comments to “Favorite Time to Workout”

  1. These pancakes look great! They remind me of the pancakes the girls from tone-it-up make. Haven’t made those in ages, your blog reminded me of them again 🙂 I don’t really have a favourite meal of the day but I think weekends are the time I get most creative, and yes love to have breakfast for lunch/dinner, that’s the beauty of being an adult you can act like a kids sometimes 😉

  2. I agree with mid-morning as a great workout time. Before I started my internship, all of my classes started at 3pm or 6pm so I had most mornings free. I was working out M, W, F & Sa at 9:30 am at the gym. Either Aqua Aerobics or Group Power. After a one hour class and a shower, I had time for errands before going home for lunch. Unfortunately, life got more complicated with my internship so I often only get to the gym on Wednesday at 5:30 p.m. and Saturdays at 8:30 am. Hopefully, next semester’s schedule works out better.

    • I love group fitness classes! I miss having a gym membership mainly for that reason. And hey, a couple days a week of workouts is better than none, so keep it up!

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