What’s for Dinner: Spaghetti (Squash), Garlic Bread, & Broccoli

by Ashley

I discovered spaghetti squash (really good spaghetti squash) at Old Spaghetti Factory about a month ago.  I was feeling brave and ordered something new in an effort to not get an over-indulgent pasta dish.  It was definitely a winner.  I had heard of it before, and even tried it before, but I never remembered it tasting as good as it was at Old Spaghetti Factory.  After that meal, I was determined to learn how to cook it myself.  From what I heard from Cody’s mom, it’s incredibly easy.  So at the grocery store the other day, I picked up a spaghetti squash to try it out this week.  I let Cody try some of my squash at the restaurant, and he said it was “alright” but that he preferred real spaghetti.  Fair enough.  He is a guy that can afford the “extras” that come along with real pasta.  So I decided to make a “his” and “her” meal for tonight, but it was quite a simple one.  We essentially had the same meal, but just different “versions” of it.  I made some spaghetti squash for my “noodles” and boiled some real pasta for his noodles.  I discovered for myself this evening just how easy spaghetti squash is to make. 

Spaghetti Squash “How To”

Preheat oven to 350 degrees

Cut squash in half and discard pulp and seeds

Place face down in baking dish

Bake for about 40 minutes

Turn over squash and bake for another 5 minutes

Flake out inside of squash with fork

Enjoy with sauce, seasoning, or use in a soup (I made traditional tomato spaghetti sauce for tonight.)

Easy breezy!  Not only that, but the spaghetti squash helps get in your servings of veggies while being low in calories, fat, and carbs.  I’d say it’s a definite keeper if you ask me!  Throw a little salt and some sauce on there, and it makes a great spaghetti dish!  I boiled up some whole wheat spaghetti for Cody, and we were both happy eaters.  I added some broccoli and whole wheat garlic bread to the mix, and it was perfecto!  

After dinner, we decided to go on our normal routined walk with the pups around the neighborhood.  I always love our daily walks.  They allow Cody and I to catch up on life together, and we always end up having some good convos.  Ryan and Molly LOVE our walks too.

This was a hard photo to capture. They wouldn't sit still because they were so excited!

   Cody always walks Ryan…

My boys

And I always walk Molly…

My sweet girl

 It looks like we just got our walk in before a storm is about to roll in.  I hear lots of wind blowing and see some dark clouds out there.  I didn’t know Utah had “monsoon season” like Arizona does, but apparently this year it does.  Maybe we brought it with us??  I’d be happy without it, but I’m just glad it’s not nearly as hot as the good ol’ AZ.  Good night friends!

5 Comments to “What’s for Dinner: Spaghetti (Squash), Garlic Bread, & Broccoli”

  1. I am so happy with this post about spaghetti squash, I have read some recipes about it but have not found anyone who has made it or eaten it to say how it tastes. I have wanted to try it, thanks!

  2. oh and the pictures help too! As I was reading made me wonder about cooking it on the grill before flaking out the pulp, I bet that would be good! Now to figure out a way to regulate the grill temp. HUmmmmm….I may have to try this idea.

    • I’m glad this post was helpful to you! Grilling is a good idea… I don’t know if I’d want it too “charred”, but you’ll have to try it and let me know how it goes! 🙂

  3. You can also cook it in the microwave for about 15 mins. I cut it in half, put in a pyrex dish with a litte water and cover with plastic wrap…..faster and cooler. I love it with a little olive oil, Molly Mac Butter or butter flavor Pam, Parmasan cheese, and blk. pepper…and red pepper flakes.

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