Blogs for Dummies

by Ashley

Ok, I’m not really trying to call you all “dummies” out there who don’t know much about blogs.  In fact, I initially was pretty unknowledgeable about blogs too, and I’m still learning!  I thought I’d write this post to help you out if you’re trying to “find your way” in the blog world.  I’ll only post what I know, which isn’t a ton, but enough to make it sound like I somewhat know what I’m doing. 😉  This post might be a little monotonous and boring for those of you that know everything there is to know about blogs, but hopefully the others will appreciate it.  Below you will find a list of some facts/tips/advice while reading blogs. (These tips are mostly for those blog-readers who are trying to navigate their way through blogs….not necessarily for those who are trying to write their own blog.)

  • Blogs are like journals.  There are blog authors that write about every topic from A to Z.  Some of them are very interesting!
  • You can subscribe to blogs!  Yes, just like you subscribe to a magazine, you can also subscribe to a blog.  If you’ve found blogs that you’re interested in reading regularly, I would highly recommend subscribing to their blog.  You can do this through your own blog or by email.  (There’s a tab on the right hand side of my blog that allows you to subscribe to it.)  This means that every time there’s a new post on the blog, you’ll be notified.
  • Leave some comments!  Bloggers always appreciate when their readers make comments on their posts.  At the bottom of each post, there should be a link that either says “Leave a Comment” or “9 (or whatever #) comments”.  This is where you click to leave a comment.  All you have to do is leave your name, email address (the blogger is the only one that sees this), and your comment.  I know some of my family members didn’t even know they could leave comments on my blog, so make sure you look for this. 
  • Bookmark your favorite blog site.  If you aren’t interested in subscribing to your favorite blog, you can always bookmark it.  Go to the website, hold down “Ctrl” and “D”, click on “Add”, and the site will be bookmarked!  That way it will be easily accessible at the top of your internet window each time you go online. 

I hope these tips will help as you navigate through the blog world!  I know that I, as a blog writer, always appreciate seeing comments from my readers.  I read every single one of them, so make sure you leave questions, thoughts, ideas, anything! 

Here’s something I thought I’d share that might be a little more exciting for those of you that are already “blog pros”.  We stained the inside of our backyard fence this afternoon!  We’ve been wanting to do this since Cody put up the fence last summer, so to finally get it done is such a relief.  Here’s my hard workin’ painting skills in action!

See the difference??  Ahh it looks SO much better!  We both love the stain color and are very pleased with it.  We rented a paint sprayer which was definitely worth it.  It made it go so much quicker and looks more evenly painted too.  Talk about a good shoulder workout though!  My shoulders were getting pretty tired by the end from going up and down, up and down, up and down…  The fact I was a little sore from my workout this morning probably had something to do with it too. 

Well, I better get going so I can spiffy up the inside of our house and prepare some food for our guests this evening.  Look forward to some photos of our fun evening tomorrow!     

2 Comments to “Blogs for Dummies”

  1. Hehe great tips girl! There are so many different ways to keep track of blogs.
    The fence looks great!

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