Twelve Days of Christmas

by Ashley

Good morning!  Happy Saturday!  Yay for the weekend!  I have had a great weekend so far, and it’s only Saturday morning.  I love when that happens!  I hope your’s has been a great one so far too.  Last night, Cody and I took it easy and had a laid back evening at home.  Sometimes that’s my favorite thing to do on a Friday evening after the long week…just chill at home.  One of the major highlights of last night was that we went to a little froyo place close to our house called Yogurt Bliss!  Frozen yogurt is one of my favorite treats of all time.  First of all, I LOVE ice cream, so the fact that frozen yogurt is a little healthier and lighter satisfies my ice cream love without overdoing it.  I also love frozen yogurt places because you can make it however you want!  I usually stick to my “regular” favorites, but every once  in awhile I venture out of the usual.  Last night, I got my original favorite:  vanilla froyo with a sprinkle of Butterfinger and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and a small pump of hot fudge…woweee was it delicious!  In my opinion, it’s always delicious, but for whatever reason last night, it just tasted extra good!  Maybe it was because I got mine for free (we had a coupon!), or maybe it was because we hadn’t been out for frozen yogurt for quite awhile, or maybe I just made it extra good this time!  Who knows, but regardless, it was delectable. 

(Thanks to my cell phone, it’s not the most “high quality” photo, but I think you got the idea that I was LOVING my froyo!)

This morning I woke up not feeling my chipper self.  I had a hard time just waking up and I was feeling a little “crampy”…blah.  I was annoyed because I had planned on doing a new workout I received from an old high school friend that is also a personal trainer, and I was really excited to try it out.  I had some breakfast and relaxed a bit, hoping that I’d be able to wake up and snap out of my funk.  Cody left to play football with some guys in the neighborhood, and I was starting to feel a little better, so I got my butt up and dove right into the workout.  It’s called “Twelve Days of Christmas” and whew!  It was a good one!  It’s a great high intensity strength training workout that’s especially great if you’re short on time.  Here it is:

Directions:  Start with 1 repetition of #1, then do 2 reps of #2 and 1 rep of #1, then do 3 reps of #3 and 2 reps of #2 and 1 rep of #1, and continue through all the exercises until you get to #12.  Try to rest as little as possible throughout the whole thing and try to do it as fast as you can.  (I added a link to some of the lesser known exercises.  Click on them to find a picture/description.)

#1 burpee
#2 dumbbell swing (like a kettlebell swing)
#3 bicep curls                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     #4 tricep dips
#5 walking lunge (make it harder by holding weight)
#6 push ups
#7 sit ups
#8 deadlift
#9 shoulder press
#10 woodchops (make it harder by holding weight)
#11 mountain climber (22 climbs total)
#12 step ups (12 on EACH leg)

If you go through this workout once, it should take you about 20-25 minutes.  Today I did it two times through because I wasn’t feeling 100%, but normally I’d probably try to do it three times through.  Make sure you push yourself, but also listen to your body and don’t “over do” it.  I was sweating pretty good by the end.  You can pair it with some extra cardio too if you’re only wanting to do it one time through.  Or time yourself each time you do it and try to beat your time from before.  Be creative!  Let me know if you have questions.  (Thanks for the workout Megan!) 

Cody is home from football now, and we have lots to do today.  We have to prepare for his family to come over for a BBQ tonight, and we need to work on some stuff in the backyard, so I better get to work!


2 Comments to “Twelve Days of Christmas”

  1. Hey Ashely!!!!!
    So I have been following along with your blog for a while now, and decided that I wanted to try out this work out………….IT KICKED MY BUTT. But I love this workout! thanks for posting!

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