New Shoes!

by Ashley

So I have some good news and some bad news.  Whenever Cody tells me that, I tell him I’d like to hear the bad news first.  That way, the good news that he tells me afterward makes me feel a little better.  So I decided I’ll share with you the bad news first…  I didn’t get many good pictures from our family BBQ last night. 😦  People didn’t seem too excited about me taking pictures of them, so I decided not to be annoying and backed off from the camera a bit.  We did have a really nice time spending time with one another and eating some yummy food though!  We had some different meat on the grill, fruit salad, a wonderful spinach/dried cranberries/nut salad (Cody’s sis made it…delish!), some chips, and an amazing cheesecake for dessert.  Here’s a few photos I did get to capture:

Cody's dad and stepmom

Cody's brother and his wife

 These little munchkins are always so fun to see!

Our nephews and niece

 And here’s all the yummy meat cookin’!


And I had to get a photo of this beautiful and UNbelievable cheesecake that Cody’s parents brought for everyone!  This was heavenly!  (Definitely my favorite part of the meal.)

Ok, so onto the good news… Whew!  Cody and I got new tennis shoes today!  And even better news, we got them for an AWESOME price!  I’ve been needing some new running shoes for awhile now. My other ones were racking up the miles, and my feet and knees were starting to feel it.  Cody has been in dire need of some new running shoes for like five years now, and I finally talked him into it. 🙂  (I’m tellin’ ya, that boy does NOT like to spend moo-lah!)  I got some great coupons in the mail for DSW recently, so I thought it’d be a good way to coerce him into getting some.  I’m sneaky like that.  So after church we headed over to DSW and wandered around looking for good looking, comfortable, and affordable shoes for each of us.  We left with a new pair of tennis shoes for each of us and only $54 spent!  (With the coupons and sales, we only spent about $26ish on each pair of our shoes!)  Woohoo!  I was a happy girl.  I always like love a new pair of shoes, especially for a great deal!  And not only that, but I finally convinced my husband to get a new pair of shoes so I don’t have to smell his gross old ones anymore. 😉 

My new kicks

 And as you can tell, Cody was quite excited about his too. 😉

I guess this means I need to get my sneaks to good use right away and go for a quality run tomorrow morning! 

Questions of the Day:

  • What good and/or bad news have you had this weekend?
  • Where do you find the best deals on quality tennis shoes?

3 Comments to “New Shoes!”

  1. you guys are amazing…I need to go shopping with you Ashley!!

  2. Sounds like your barbeque was a success! Glad you got new runners & VERY happy you can throw out Cody’s old stinky ones! Love you!

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