Weekly Dinner Menu

by Ashley

I apologize I wasn’t able to make a lunch hour post today!  It was a busy day with a meeting in the morning and our usual Monday staff lunch.  Today we agreed on Chick-Fil-A for lunch.  I had never been to Chick-Fil-A much before I worked at my church (the other staff members love it), but it’s growing on me.  I really enjoy their grilled chicken salads… they’re fresh, the perfect size, and full of healthy vegetables.  Today I opted for the Char-grilled Chicken Garden Salad, and I would definitely recommend it!  It was very good.  I left out the cheese and croutons that came with it, but ate every last bite of everything else. 


After work on Mondays, I have made it my weekly routine to stop at the grocery store on my way home from work to stock up on groceries for the week.  On Sunday evening before I go to bed, I make a dinner menu for the week so I have a better idea of what I’ll need from the grocery store.  I have found that making a menu for the week prevents us from going out to eat too much, ensures that we have plenty of fruits and vegetables in the house all week, and helps us stay within our budget for food.  I keep a cute little notepad on our refrigerator with the weekly menu and a grocery list right underneath it.  

Cody has come to appreciate the weekly menu so he doesn’t always have to ask what’s for dinner (I appreciate it too! ;)).  I definitely plan on doing this when we have kids so I don’t have to hear the “What’s for dinner?” question every night.  The grocery list is convenient if we run out of something in the middle of the week, it’s on the list for the next week and I won’t forget it.  You can find these cute little notepads at Target, book stores, craft stores, etc.  I highly recommend it!!

Questions for the Day:

  • Do you make a weekly menu for you or your family?
  • How often do you go to the grocery store?   

4 Comments to “Weekly Dinner Menu”

  1. Liz & I plan the weekly meals each Saturday morning. We go through the grocery ads for the week to plan our price matches for WalMart & mark it on our grocery list. I have a preprinted grocery list with all the things we might possibly get for the week, so all we have to do is check the box & mark quantities. I clip my coupons to the list, gather my ads and grocery bags and we’re ready to go. We only have to go once a week, with an occasional stop at Sprouts for special produce or bulk items.

  2. I do the grocery game. Its an awesome way to make the most out of coupons without spending hours looking at ads and price matching. I only pay $10 for every 8 weeks for the list and I save an average of $80 per week or 50-55% savings. Totally worth it and my hubby loves the fact that I am excited about saving so much money!

    • I looked into doing the grocery game, but they don’t include any of the grocery stores in our area. 😦 I was bummed about it.

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