My Motivating Forces

by Ashley

So I told you all that I would write a post talking about my own motivation techniques to get me movin’… so here it is!  Let me just tell you, I sure did choose two good days to talk about motivation, because for whatever reason both yesterday and today I have not been feelin’ it at all.  Today I slept in and told myself I’d workout when I got home from work.  Not a good idea.  By the time I got done with work, I just wanted to go home and relax.  I seriously considered making it a “rest” day for myself, but a little self talk got me moving.  I decided to pop in a Jillian Michael’s DVD: “Banish Fat Boost Metabolism”.  It’s a great cardio circuit DVD that keeps you moving and gets you REALLY sweaty.  I ended up having a great workout and finished with a lot more energy than I initially had before I started.  (One of the many great benefits of exercise!) 

Before we move on to my own motivation techniques, let me just fill you in on a great little dinner we had tonight.  I wanted something easy and quick because Cody had to leave to help out with a youth event at church this evening.  I was initially going to cook something different, but decided on my “mini pizzas” for tonight.  They’re so easy, fun to make, and quite delicious!  I made “his” and “her” versions, but it was so simple.  Cody likes the meat on his, and I’m more of a veggie girl.  I started with some leftover 100% whole wheat hamburger buns we had and split them in half.  I spread some pizza sauce on them, added some black olives, pepperoni, and mozarella cheese for Cody’s mini pizzas.  I put some sauce, spinach, chopped tomato, basil, and mozarella cheese on mine (YUM!). 

 You can cook them one of three ways: stove top, microwave, oven.  I would normally put them in the oven, but it was a hot day today so I didn’t want to heat up the house.  I like the bread/crust a little toasty, so I opted for the stove top on a skillet.  Now if it were my husband cooking, he would have chosen to do them in the microwave. 😉 

And here’s the finished product!  I paired them with a spinach side salad, and it was perfect!

So simple. So satisfying. So fast. So yummy!

Mini Pizzas


4 100% whole wheat hamburger buns

1 cup pizza sauce

1 cup mozarella cheese

Pizza toppings of choice


Split hamburger buns in half and place open faced on counter.  Spread pizza sauce on each side.  Place toppings and cheese on top.  Broil on top rack of oven for 5 minutes, or cook on a skillet on the stove, or place in microwave to cook.  Makes 4 servings.   

Ok, so let’s get down to the nitty gritty and I’ll fill you in on what helps motivate me to exercise when it sounds the least bit appealing to me.  Here they are folks: 

  • Self talk.  This is probably one of the most powerful motivating forces for me.  I always remind myself that I’ll feel better when I am finished, that I’m doing something good for my body, and that I’ll only gain positive results from it.
  • Scheduling out my week.  At the beginning of the week, I schedule out the days/times of when I will do my workouts.  I literally put my workouts in my day planner/calendar.  They are a PRIORITY to me, so I make them a part of my day. 
  • Setting goals for myself.  Fitness goals will vary by person, but I always have my goals in mind when I don’t feel like exercising.  I make it a goal to have 5-6 days of quality workouts each week. If I’m considering not working out one day, I’ll ask myself if I’ll still be able to hit my goal of reaching 5-6 workout days that week. 
  • Have a workout buddy.  Unfortunately most of my past workout buddies no longer live near me (except for my husband, of course), but in the past it has really helped me.  Having a friend to keep you accountable and encourage you when you aren’t feeling up to exercising is always a great motivator!  Not only that, but it makes it more fun!
  • Subscribe to a fitness magazine.  I love health and fitness magazines.  They always give good tips, new workout ideas, and encouragement to be healthy.  (Most of them all have websites that have great tips and ideas too!)  If you ever need a little health “pick me up”, pull out a good fitness magazine and I’m sure all those healthy lookin’, athletic women will make you want to work out!   


  • Read health/fitness/nutrition articles on the Internet.  Yahoo! is my homepage, and they always have a health related article or two that grab my attention on their main page.  I make a point of reading them to get motivated and encouraged.  MSN has a great health page too that I visit quite frequently.   
  • Research new workouts and/or exercises.  I often get bored if I do the same workout routine over and over again.  (The same exact routine isn’t as effective either.)  I am always looking for new workouts or exercises to keep things exciting and interesting.  I look forward to trying out new workouts!
  • Envisioning myself at the end of my workout.  If I’m not feeling motivated at the start of my workout, I picture myself all nice and sweaty, on a “workout high”, and feeling fantastic when my workout is overwith.  It makes me want to feel that way, which means I better get a movin’!  


Well hopefully you enjoyed my “list” of my own motivation techniques.  Of course, all of these won’t work for everyone, but I hope you might be able to use a couple.  Have a good night all! 

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