What’s for Breakfast: Breakfast Cookie and Hot Coffee

by Ashley

This morning I woke up, and was starving.  I have no idea why, but needless to say, I immediately went straight into the kitchen to brew some coffee and whipped out my breakfast cookie from the fridge.  Yes, breakfast cookie!!  Here’s the “pretty” little thing.

It is healthier than it sounds, I promise!  I initially got the recipe/idea from Fitnessista, and I’m sure you remember reading that I had one for lunch yesterday.  Today I decided to add/take out some ingredients, and make it a little more “chocolate-y”.  (I’m definitely a sweet over savory kinda girl for breakfasts… or any time for that matter. 😉 )  Last night I got out the “main ingredients” for this healthy little cookie and got to work!

Then I added in the “extras” which included these.

I let it sit in the fridge overnight to harden, and this morning it was eagerly awaiting me!  (Or should I say I was eagerly awaiting it!)  I decided to zap it in the microwave for about 20 seconds to melt the chocolate chips a bit, and boy, was it de-frickin-licious!  I personally liked it better with the cocoa and chocolate chips rather than the banana and cinnamon.  (Yesterday I made it with a ripe mashed up banana and cinnamon.)  If you’re more of an oatmeal cookie kinda person, you’d probably like the banana/cinnamon version better.  But, I on the other hand, am more of a chocolate chip cookie kinda person, so the version I made for this morning was perfecto!  I paired it with some freshly brewed hot coffee, and mmmm I was a happy girl.

The Breakfast Cookie


1/3 cup 1 minute oats

1/2 scoop protein powder

1 tablespoon nut butter

Sweetener (honey, agave nectar, sugar, Splenda, Truvia)

1/8 cup vanilla soymilk

Any other add-ins/toppings you’d like!


Stir together oats, protein powder, and peanut butter in a small bowl.  Mash up the peanut butter until it’s spread throughout the mixture.  Add in the sweetener and milk, and mix until well blended.  Add any other toppings/add-ins you’d like.  Press “dough” on an appetizer sized plate and form into a cookie.  Place in refrigerator overnight.  Enjoy the next day! (Eat with a spoon)  Makes 1 serving. 

You can be really creative with this breakfast cookie.  Add any toppings you can think of…nuts, dried fruit, chia seeds, etc.  Try it with different flavors of protein powder too.  I only have vanilla, and it worked great for both versions I made, but I’m sure some of the other flavors would taste good too.  It’s a great breakfast option because it has a nice mix of protein, healthy fats, and fiber which will help you stay full for hours.  Not only that, but it’s a healthy way to satisfy your sweet tooth!  Thanks for the idea Fitnessista!  Let me know if YOU try the breakfast cookie and what toppings/additions you threw in.  I’d love to get more ideas! 

On a completely separate note, I need some feedback from you all.  I have been struggling with my blog title from Day 1.  First, it started as “My Greatest Loves”.  I liked it at first, but then I realized that it was too broad of a title.  Not only that, but people couldn’t get the idea that my blog centered around healthy living just from reading the title.  So now it’s “Food, Fitness, Fun”, but that’s really starting to sound boring to me.  And I have recently found another blog that has a somewhat similar title.  I want mine to stand out, but still be “me”.  I was thinking like, “Ashley’s Food and Fitness Diaries” or “My Food and Fitness Diaries”.  But then again, I’m somewhat hesitant to change the title again because I need my readers (you all) to associate my title with me. 

Ok, so I need your input my loyal readers!  (Even if you aren’t a “loyal” reader, I’d still love to hear your thoughts! 🙂 ) 

Questions of the Morning:

  • Do you have any creative ideas for my blog title?
  • Do you think it’s a bad idea for me to change my title again?

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