by Ashley

You all should consider yourselves lucky today… you get THREE posts from me!  Wowee.  FYI, that doesn’t/won’t happen very often. 😉  Well anyway, let’s just say it has been “one of those days” for me.  I’m not by any means trying to throw myself a pity party (I already did by indulging in some chocolate pudding and peanut butter), but just sayin’, thank God it’s Friday people!

I think you get the point. 😉

Anyway, thanks to my oh-so-awesome day, I called it a night in.  And a night in for me usually looks like watching “LOST” episodes on Netflix while perusing other blogs or working on my own blog.  In the process of working on my own, I settled for a new title.  Yes, AGAIN, a new title.  My apologies people, but you’re just going to have to be patient with me until I feel fully satisfied. 😉  I didn’t hear much feedback from you all regarding my new title, so I settled on this one.  I like it!  It’s more creative, personalized to me, and gets my point across.  Five minutes have passed and I still like it, so I think we’re doing well here.  No, but really, my contemplation as to whether I should change titles has been consuming my thoughts way too much this week, which means I have put plenty of thought into it.  At least I hope!  It’ll still be about the same ol’ good stuff though, so count on it! 

I’m crashing early tonight ya’ll… I’ll see you in the morning for a MUCH better day!

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