Saturday Project: Laying Flagstone

by Ashley

I hope you all are having a wonderful Saturday so far!  Today’s main goal for us was to get the flagstone down where our firepit will be.  We’re just cranking out all of these backyard projects lately!  I’m lovin’ it! 


The major project of the day:

I started by trying to help, but that quickly faded.  For one, those flagstone pieces are heavy!  For two, my husband is one of the most O.C.D. people I have ever known (next to my dad), so trying to puzzle together the flagstone pieces was a much longer process than it’d be for a “normal person”.  (Dad and Cody, my O.C.D. comment is all out of love…plus, you already know it. 😉 )  After I realized that being the flagstone-laying assistant wasn’t the job for me, I decided to go inside and make us some lunch.  Cody requested some mini pizzas (leftover ingredients from our dinner the other night), and I opted for a “Sweet Potato Pie Smoothie” that I found on Carrots ‘N Cake.  It was a sweet potato pie in smoothie form!  De-lici-ous!!!  I’m a sucker for sweet potato pie, so I was happy I found a “summer version” of this dish (as well as a much healthier version!).  

After lunch we headed back outside.  I took some pictures of Cody working, and quickly got bored.  I decided to mow the lawn.  Hubby points+extra exercise+pretty lawn=perfect activity!  I watered the flowers, chatted with Cod for a bit, and headed in to prepare a snack.

I ended up coming up with this: a cut up ripe pear, a couple spoonfulls of plain Greek yogurt, and a sprinkle of cinnamon and Splenda.  Yummy in my tummy.

Ryan and Molly apparently enjoyed it too.  They licked the bowl when I was finished. 🙂

I got cleaned up, organized some stuff around the house, and headed outside again to see how things were going.  This is what I came outside to!

Looks great babe!  Now we just have to fill in the gaps between the stones with mulch.  I might be able to be a better help with that project.  🙂  I think we’re callin’ it a day and will save the mulch for another time. 

Now for some relaxation and down time before we have our date night this evening! 🙂

Questions for the Day:

  • What have you been up to today?
  • Do you like to do home projects?


2 Comments to “Saturday Project: Laying Flagstone”

  1. Too funny! This reminds me so much of my husband. he will ask for help with house projects then gets frustrated from the OCD ways about it all and so I stop. Hey – works for me! 😉

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