Date Night!

by Ashley

Good morning!  It is quite a quite dreary and cloudy looking Sunday morning here in Utah.  I like cloudy, overcast days on Sundays.  I view Sundays as my relaxation/catch up day, so it just seems to fit the mood. 

I want to tell you all about our date night last night!  Cody and I have a date night (at least) once a month, and we take turns planning it.  Last night it was my turn to plan.  Initially I had this really fun date thought up (which I’m going to keep a secret, because we might do it another time), but Cody was exhausted from working in the yard, so I went with Plan B. 

First we enjoyed an early-ish dinner at one our favorite restaurants, Texas Roadhouse. 

We don’t usually like going there on a Friday or Saturday night around the dinner hour because the wait is forever long.  Not only that, but when they are packed, they’re more likely to run out of their oh-so-delicious, melt-in-your-mouth rolls.  That can be tragic.  But last night we decided to get in right at five o’clock, and there was no wait at all!  We started with two of my favorite things: rolls with honey butter and shelled peanuts.  (As you can see, we demolished one of the roll baskets pretty quick.)

Cody got his usual, 12 oz. top sirloin with mashed potates and gravy and vegetables on the side.  He said he was starving from a hard day’s work in the yard, and this is easily his favorite meal of all time, so needless to say, he was quite happy.

I decided on their grilled chicken salad with tomatoes, bacon bits, red onion, and egg scattered about on it.  I can honestly say it’s one of the best grilled chicken salads I have ever had.  Good thing I limited myself to only one roll (they’re massive), because the salad was quite large too! 

I took part of my salad home, and we of course took home an extra basket of rolls.  (That’s always a must!)

We left Texas Roadhouse very full, and as always, quite satisfied. 🙂  Next I decided to take him to the new Harry Potter movie.  I know, it’s a pretty stereotypical date night, but who doesn’t like a good dinner and a movie?  It was especially a treat for Cody because he’s been trying to get me to go see it since it has come out in theaters.  I’m definitely not opposed to the Harry Potter movies, but I don’t get all pumped about them like he does.  (Sorry Harry Potter fanatics!) 

The movie was a little long for me (I start getting pretty antsy at about the 2 hour mark), but overall I thought it was really good!  Cody enjoyed it quite thoroughly too.  We had an overall wonderful evening together.  I always love date nights!

Questions of the Morning:

  • What are your favorite things to do on dates?
  • Do you and your “significant other” have a favorite restaurant?
  • Did you like the new Harry Potter movie?

4 Comments to “Date Night!”

  1. Your date night looks like so much fun! When I go on dates, I like to watch a movie or go play putt putt (because there is nothing else to do in Michigan!!).
    Ha- I don’t have a significant other 😛
    I thought the Harry Potter movie was really good! I’m not a huge fan either but I was suprised at how much I enjoyed it.

  2. I am a big believer of date night! I’m glad you two had a good night together! I can’t wait to hear about plan A date when that rolls around!

  3. We are huge fans of Harry Potter and we loved the newest movie. Loved it so much we are thinking of seeing it again! Glad you guys got a date night in!

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