Firehouse Subs: Yay or Nay?

by Ashley

Good afternoon all!  Sorry I slacked posting this morning/early afternoon.  Mondays are usually a bit more hectic than normal with staff meeting and staff lunch.  I was also craving a run this morning, which didn’t allow me much extra time this morning before work.  I think Ryan was craving a run too. 🙂

Speaking of my run, my new runners are working out quite well.  I love their support and comfort!  My feet and knees are much happier. 

Today for staff lunch, none of us could decide where to go.  We each have our own “tastes” which sure makes it more difficult when deciding. For example, two of the staff members love Del Taco.  (I just don’t understand…)  I still can’t fathom how offering hamburgers and tacos at the same place can be “okay”, let alone selling a taco for under 50 cents.  I mean, what kind of “meat” are they using when it’s that cheap??  I always give them a hard time for it, and vice versa. 😉  We ended up deciding on Firehouse Subs, a new sub place near the church that we’ve been wanting to try. 

We walked inside and couldn’t belive how incredibly crowded it was during the lunch hour!  We were tempted to walk across the street to Chili’s because the line was so long and the tables were full.  We stuck it out though, and I’m glad we did.  I enjoy trying new places, and I was set on a sub sandwich.  I ended up getting the smoked turkey sub on wheat bread with melted provolone cheese, lettuce, tomato, and deli mustard.  I really enjoyed mine!  I still can’t decide if it was worth the $6 I paid for it, but regardless, I was happy.  The bread tasted fresh and soft, the toppings were crisp and fresh, and they put quite a bit of turkey on my sub.  The others said they were “okay with their’s”, but they liked (fill in the blank) sub place better. 

I would go back.  Maybe not often, but it definitely wins over Subway.

Questions for the Afternoon:

  • What’s your favorite sub shop?
  • Do you like to try new places to eat or stick with what you like?

4 Comments to “Firehouse Subs: Yay or Nay?”

  1. So I have learned that your shoe laces do up very well and we both like Fire House Subs. I generally eat at Fire House when in Florida.

  2. Your dog is SOO cute!!! If I get a sub, its always at Subway. Wheat, turkey, TONS of vegtables, and mustard. yummmm 🙂

    • That’s exactly what I get at sub shops too! I don’t mind Subway, but their bread isn’t my favorite. If I have to do fast food though, it’s a good choice!

  3. I like to try new places! I have tried Firehouse a couple times in last few months, their ok, Not first on my list, I like Blimpie and Subway, the difference between those two is the peppers they use, I love the peppers at Blimpie. I also like Jimmy Johns cause they are super fast but not that many choises for adding veggies, which is probably which makes them super fast. I am also a del Taco fan vs Taco Bell. They have great Taco del Carbon’s!

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