A New Breakfast Phase

by Ashley

I think I am onto a new “breakfast phase” friends!  As I have mentioned in previous posts, I often go through a phase where I eat the same thing for breakfast every morning.  For awhile, it was PB&J on whole wheat toast.  (Original, but obviously delicious.)  Now it is definitely overnight oats.  I discovered overnight oats (can also be known as oats in a jar) a few weeks back from some fellow healthy living bloggers.  I made a Peanut Butter Cup version that was so yummy.  I then became disappointed because (so I thought) I could only have my oats in a jar when I was close to an empty peanut butter jar (not often enough!).  Then I realized I could put a dollop of peanut butter (or any nut butter) at the bottom of a big coffee mug or small bowl, pour my oats and some milk in it, put it in the fridge overnight, and there ya go!  (duh Ashley!)  Just like an original oats in a jar!  When I discovered this fabulous idea, I was overjoyed!  I can have my oats (in a jar) any time I want.  Woohoo! 

So who can take a guess on what breakfast was this morning?  Ding ding!  Oats in a jar mug…you got it!  Last night I put a tablespoon or two of Adam’s Natural Crunch Peanut Butter at the bottom of a wide rimmed coffee mug along with a packet of low sugar maple brown sugar oatmeal and about 1/4 cup of vanilla soymilk.  I took it out this morning and topped it with a chopped up ripe banana, and it was de-lish!  I think I might even like it better than my peanut butter cup version. (gasp!)

I paired it with a nice hot cup of coffee (in my signature “A” mug, of course), and I was a happy woman!

Have a great morning everyone!  See ya in a few hours!


  • Do you go through “breakfast phases”?  Or any other “food phases”?
  • What do you usually have for breakfast?  Is it usually the same thing or do you mix it up?

9 Comments to “A New Breakfast Phase”

  1. Totally with you on the food phases! I’m going through a MAJOR buckwheat phase- totally obsessed with it which is kinda weird for me because Oats have been my number 1 love since I was… 4- I can’t remember any further back then that!! But I still like to mix it up to make sure I have a variety of vitamins and minerals… so even though I’ve eaten buckwheat I think every morning this week- I try make it differently each time 🙂

  2. I go thru food “phases” alllll the time. currently im hooked on pb and j oats 🙂
    i usually have oats, or cereal if im running late.

  3. I so go through food phases and will eat something to death until I am so sick of it! My mom is the same way…I guess I get it from her 🙂
    I am on the same cereal concoction kick I have been on since the beginning of summer. I have the same thing for breakfast almost every morning!

  4. what does the oats in a jar taste like? can you compare it to something? i love the low sugar maple brown sugar oatmeal and everything you paired with it, but have never thought of putting it in the fridge

    • It’s SO yummy! It basically tastes like cold oatmeal paired with peanut butter and whatever other toppings you like. Sounds kinda weird at first, but I promise it’s so yummy! Letting it sit overnight with the milk just makes the oats soft (instead of cooking them). It’s great during the summer when you’re not feeling a hot bowl of oatmeal. Try it out and let me know what you think!

  5. I just made my PB and oats for tomorrow morning! It is the first day of school tomorrow so I am hoping it will give me the burst of energy I need to face all those high schoolers! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Awesome- I eat oatmeal daily during the school year ( I am a school counselor) but haven’t wanted it this summer, duh what a cool thing to try. Thanks 🙂

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