Yogurt, Yogurt, and More Yogurt! (Plus FREE Yogurt Coupon!)

by Ashley

This will be a yogurt filled post just FYI…from frozen yogurt to Greek yogurt.  Obviously I love yogurt in all forms! 

FIRST, frozen yogurt… oh yes, the oh-so-wonderful froyo.  Cody and I had a little frozen yogurt date last night after an overwhelming day for both of us.  It was definitely needed!  It did the trick, and we came home smiling again.  I’m tellin’ ya, a good froyo treat can do great things for a rough day (or a great day for that matter). 

His bowl (his usual…vanilla yogurt with mini Reese’s PB cups):

Her bowl (vanilla and peanut butter flavored yogurt with Butterfinger and mini Reese’s PB cups sprinkled atop…PURE BLISS!):

You can never go wrong with a peanut butter inspired mixture! 😉

SECOND, Greek yogurt!  The thick, creamy, healthy, tasty yogurt that has been selling in the grocery stores like it’s nobody’s business.  I didn’t quite understand the “rage” when I first started hearing about Greek yogurt several months ago.  I saw the price compared to regular yogurt, and passed it by.  Then I started reading more articles about the health benefits of Greek yogurt compared to its counterpart, regular yogurt. 

Some of the benefits:

  • Greek yogurt has almost twice the amount of protein that regular yogurt does.
  • Greek yogurt is lower in carbohydrates than regular yogurt.
  • Greek yogurt is thicker and creamier, making it that much more delicious!
  • Greek yogurt has a lower sodium content than regular yogurt.

I started to realize that paying a little bit more for the Greek yogurt is worth it to me.  Its health benefits and the way it satisfies me for an easy snack makes me want to eat it more often than I would eat regular yogurt.  I’m not trying to say regular yogurt doesn’t have any health benefits or that I don’t like it by any means (because I pretty much love any kind of yogurt!).  I just thought I’d point out some of the great benefits that Greek yogurt offers that you might not realize. 

And last but not least, you can try Greek yogurt for yourself FOR FREE!  Make sure you “Like” Oikos Greek Yogurt on Facebook, and you can download and print a coupon for a free Greek yogurt!  Hurry because it expires soon.  I just cashed my coupon in today to get a “fruit on the bottom” blueberry yogurt. 

It was very yummy!  It had a creamy, rich, thick texture, and the blueberry mixture at the bottom reminded me of blueberry pie filling.


I’ve had plenty of Greek yogurt, but I haven’t tried Oikos “fruit on the bottom” yet, so I was glad I got to try it for FREE!  Make sure you get your free yogurt and let me know what you think! 


  • What’s your opinion on regular yogurt versus Greek yogurt?
  • Do you think the extra cost of Greek yogurt is worth it?

12 Comments to “Yogurt, Yogurt, and More Yogurt! (Plus FREE Yogurt Coupon!)”

  1. I love froyo but I have yet to find a place in my area that has it 😦 I am also trying to like Greek yogurt. I tried the regular and I think that’s why I didn’t care for it. I will have to snag a coupon and try the fruity flavors….the extra protein is worth it!

    • Oh where are you from? I hope you find a place soon! It’s amazing!

      Definitely try some of the fruity flavors or add a little honey to the plain kind…that helps a ton!

  2. I use the plain greek yogurt I buy at costco as a base for my smoothies. Along with frozen strawberries and blueberries, pom and pineapple juice; and scoop of ground flax seed makes a yummy start to my day!!!

    • I buy the Greek yogurt from Costco too! Good idea to put it in the smoothies…I do that too to pack in the extra protein. Sounds like a yummy smoothie! 🙂

  3. Mmm anything is better with reeses peanut butter cups on it 🙂 and I prefer greek yogurt over regular yogurt… it’s so good for you and I love mixing honey and fresh fruit in with it!

  4. AHHHH Seriously, fro-yo will fix any day!!! I am OBSESSED with greek yogurt!! Do you know of any brands or coupons or anything to get it for cheaper….my obsession is sucking my wallet! Hope you are having an amazing day gorgeous girl!

    • YES! Froyo is one of my greatest loves. 🙂 That coupon I mentioned on my post will help. I also just discovered that Smith’s has an “off brand” they carry (I think Kroger) that’s cheaper than other brands. (I think they’re like 89 cents per individual yogurt, whereas most others I see are anywhere from $1-$1.25.) I also buy the big container of Fage plain yogurt and/or the Chobani individuals flavored ones from Costco…they seems to be a bit cheaper there. I know what you mean though…the hubby isn’t really appreciating my addiction to Greek yogurt these days. 😉

  5. Froyo makes me fell better no matter what 🙂
    And I am psyched to try that type of Greek yogurt!

  6. I love froyo!!! But we definitely don’t have all the cool kinds that I see pop up on everyone’s blogs around here. We have a few places that rotate 2 or 3 flavors at a time, and they’re usually fruity flavors. (One place very occasionally has nutella flavor and it’s the best thing ever!) I like Greek yogurt, too, but I’ve never tried that kind. I’ll have to check it out!

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