“Business After Hours” Cocktail Party

by Ashley

Last night Cody and I got the opportunity to attend an event called “Business After Hours” for the Small Business Administration here in Salt Lake City.  Cody’s business, Rapid Recovery, is a small business here in Salt Lake, so he thought it’d be worth it to join the administration.  The “Business After Hours” is an event the Small Business Administration puts on that is essentially a cocktail party for small businesses to network and build relationships within the area.  Cody wanted me to join him, and I didn’t pass it up when I was told there was going to be yummy food and drinks!

Pics before we left (it was windy):

Take two (that’s better!):

When we got there, we got our name tags and two free drink tickets each. (SCORE!)

We had a nice time mingling with other small business owners/employees.  Cody found that most of the people there wouldn’t really “help” him and his business efforts much, but nonetheless, we had an enjoyable time getting to know other small business owners and their stories.

I particularly enjoyed the sample spread they catered from Biaggi’s Italian Cuisine.  They offered bruschetta, stuffed mushrooms, and chicken skewers.  I of course had to try all three with a chardonnay wine to accompany my plate.  The bruschetta and the stuffed mushrooms were definitely my favorite.  The chicken was “so-so”, but the other food made up for it.  I was tempted to go back for more (considering it was my “dinner”), but decided to save room for dessert.

They had a dessert sampler spread as well, which I was obviously excited about.  I treated myself to a mini cream puff, mini vanilla bean cheesecake, and mini chocolate cheesecake.  The mini vanilla bean cheesecake was my favorite.  The cream puff was descent, but good cheesecake will always win in my opinion. 

I was pleasantly surprised at how full I felt when we left.  I think a bigger-than-normal lunch at Cafe Rio helped.  These events are always a fun way to get to sample new foods and drinks.  I definitely look forward to more! 

Off to get my run on and then head to work!  Happy Friday!

8 Comments to ““Business After Hours” Cocktail Party”

  1. I love trying new things! Those mushrooms look yummy. Events like this are great because of the connections you can make. I feel like nowadays it’s all about who ya know when it comes to small businesses.

    Hope you had a good run! 🙂

  2. So fun! Those cheesecakes look amazing! and nothing better than 2 free drink tickets 🙂

  3. Awesome eats! I’m glad you had a great time!!

  4. Wow look at these eats, amazing lookin! And you guys look so cute together too 😀

  5. I think I am in love with your dessert plate!! Hello Chocolate!!!

    You two are so cute!!


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