Foodie Questionnaire

by Ashley

Hi all!  I hope your Friday is going well so far.  It’s moving kind of slow in my neck of the woods, but I can’t complain too much!  This caramel popcorn with almonds, pecans, and cashews that has been staring me in the face all day at work has been getting me through.  It’s so addicting! 

I came across this “foodie questionnaire” that I thought would be kind of fun to fill out considering a good portion of my blog is about food and all.  Hope you enjoy! 

* Sweet or Savory?
I have the biggest sweet tooth in the world, I swear.  There’s definitely moments when I crave something savory, but it’s sweet most of the time.

* Which ingredient(s) do you use the most?
Peanut butter and garlic powder. (NOT together 🙂 )

* What is your most favorite cooking sound?
Hmm, interesting question.  Something yummy sizzling in a skillet on the stove.

* In the kitchen, what’s your most treasured possession?
My knives!

* Is there a food you will not eat?

* What food is your guilty pleasure?
Cookie dough!  Homemade, store bought… I love it all. 

* Have you ever changed how you feel towards a food?
Oh yes, several times.  I used to hate tomatoes with a passion, and now I have them at least once a day.

* Which food website/ or blog would you die without?
Peanut Butter Fingers by Julie; Carrots ‘N’ Cake by Tina; Sweet Tooth Sweet Life by Courtney are my faves.

* What is your favorite food shopping experience?
Costco!  Free samples and lots of yummy food to take home!  I recently just discovered WinCo too, and I love it.  They have tons of bulk dispensers of granola, nuts, cereal, candy, etc.

* If you could move, which country would you move to for the food?
Italy!  Bread and wine PLEASE!

* What’s the dress code in the kitchen when you cook?
Comfy and casual.  Something that I don’t care if I spill on because I tend to be a messy cook/baker.

* What food would you prepare to impress someone?
My red chicken and black bean enchiladas or one of my Thai curry dishes

* What food are you craving right now?
Ice cream!

* What is your comfort food?
Pizza, Mexican food, warm chocolate chip cookies

I’m off to run to Costco for a few items and make some dinner for the evening.  Have a wonderful Friday night!


  • Now it’s your turn!  You answer some of the questions on the questionnaire.  C’mon, I wanna hear ’em! 🙂

7 Comments to “Foodie Questionnaire”

  1. Mexican Food is my comfort food too!!!

  2. Lots of questions….ok…1)Most used ingredients/ onions, peppers and garlic 2)Treasured kitchen possession/ Garlic press and my citrus press 3) Will not eat/ beets ( el’ yucko) 4) Food Web-FB sight most loved could not do without / Cooking Light…..Love love love , I need to subscribe to that magazine! 5) To impress someone for dinner/ My lasagna or chicken enchilada’s 6) Craving right now…grilled lime and garlic shrimp!

  3. Total cookie dough and pizza fan when it comes to comfort food. I love love love Coldstone cake batter with cookie dough. Great survey!

  4. Dress code is usually real casual because I’m always getting something spilled or splashed on me!

  5. What I am craving right now- a big bowl of oatmeal topped with my new favorite nut butter (the one I found at Target- holy moly that stuff is good!)
    Guilty pleasure- your answer got met thinking- I like to eat brownie and cake mix before it is baked lol… I don’t put the eggs in so I have a few safe bites for myself 🙂

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