Cheap Date

by Ashley

I was quite bummed last night…  We didn’t get to go to Seven Peaks (water park) like we had hoped.  Cody and I were planning on meeting our friends at 4 because after 4 pm they have lower ticket rates, but by that time it looked like there was a chance of some storms rolling in.  We didn’t want to risk spending $35 to go for an hour, so we quickly made other plans.  We put our heads together to think of something easy, fun, indoors, and not too pricey.  I came up with going to see a movie at the “cheap movie theater” (it only costs $3/person).  You can always resort to a movie, right??  Cody was totally down for that.  He loves movies…seriously, biggest movie nerd ever. 😉  (Love you, Cod.)  I also decided I had no interest whatsoever in cooking dinner, and I realized I had a buy one meal get one meal free coupon.  Yes, I know I just went there three days ago, but I can never get enough Cafe Rio.  Seriously, it is like my  I guess I just had to make up for the past couple months that I haven’t been there…  Anyway, so I got prettied up, and we headed on over to Cafe Rio for yet another delicious meal.  It always feels great when we spend $8 on both of us eating dinner (a yummy dinner nonetheless!). 

You guessed it, I got my chicken breast salad with black beans (no rice), pico de gallo, guacamole, a few tortilla strips, in a whole wheat tortilla topped with cilantro-lime vinagarette.  Never can go wrong with this!  (I remembered to snap a picture this time… except I already started eating it, so it’s not as pretty as when they first give it to you.  Oops.)  Oh, and I promise all of the “good stuff” (chicken, beans, etc.) is at the bottom!  You can kind of see it peeking through!

I also made sure to grab a huge handful of these little guys.  They are not your ordinary peppermint candy… they are cinnamon!  I love them.  I enjoyed like a dozen of them during the movie, no big deal. 

After we were nice and full, we headed on over to the movies.  We decided on the movie “Super 8”.  We heard it was pretty good and the reviews weren’t bad on it, so for $3/each we were totally down to see it.  The “cheap theater” tickets are quite a bit “cheaper looking” than a normal theater’s tickets, don’t ya think?

After discussing the movie, Cody and I decided it was “okay”.  The movie was really well-done, but we felt the plot wasn’t the best.  I, personally, am not one that loves movies in the “sci-fi” genre anyways.  We concluded that it was worth the $6 for us to go see it though. 

On our way home from the movie, we got to see an awesome lightning show.  We were away from the city, so it was dark and perfect for watching the lightning as it would light up the entire sky. 

When we got home, we came home to this sitting outside our front door (except it was a full loaf when we got it 😉 ).

Our wonderful neighbors across the street brought it over for us.  It was de-frickin-licious!  Fresh, soft, moist bread…YUM!  (As you can see, we dug RIGHT in when we got home!) 

What a great evening it ended up being!  I had a great date with me, enjoyed a yummy dinner, got to see a decent movie along with a free lightning show, and finished the night off with some delish bread for “dessert”….all for only $14!  What a cheap date!  I just love it. 


  • Did you see “Super 8”?  If so, how did you like it?
  • Do you ever go to the dollar/cheap theater?
  • What are your plans for your Sunday?




9 Comments to “Cheap Date”

  1. No I haven’t seen super 8, but it sounds like a good movie!! And your salad looks fab! 🙂

  2. BOO to seven peaks…..they are crazy expensive!! We love the cheap theaters too and go weekly:) Um, we get the exact same thing at Cafe Rio too!! Glad you had a great date night!

    • Right?! They’re so pricey! I’m too poor for that kind of entertainment. Ha. Love that we’re like twins when it comes to cheap theaters and Cafe Rio!

  3. I haven’t even heard of that movie! Sounds like it was still a fun night…even after the ubmmer of no water park.

  4. Sounds like a fun date night!
    I haven’t seen Super 8, and I don’t know if I’d like it either. Sci-fi just isn’t my genre- I like to stick to comedy!

  5. Your Dutch is showing through (2 for 1 meals and $3 tickets). Wow! That’s better than Friday matinees for seniors for $4.

  6. Cafe Rio is my favorite place to eat too! Black beans, no rice but with their house dressing. Sounds like you had a good time!

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