7 Random Facts

by Ashley

I know I have been a little MIA this afternoon… sorry ’bout that!  It’s been a busy day, as most of my Mondays are.  It was a good, productive day though, which is always a great way to start off the week! 

Today I was awarded the Blissful Blogger Award by the fabulous Lyndsie at High Cotton Livin’!  Thanks so much Lyndsie!

 I am told that if I want to accept this award, I must share with you seven random facts about me.  Oh boy, I’m really not good at these random facts kind of questions, but I’ll give it a shot.  Here it goes:

Fact #1: My husband and I have known each other since he was 12 years old and I was 9 years old!

We attended the same church growing up, so we knew each other since we were kids.  Never in a million years did I think I was going to marry the “ladies’ man” in our youth group!  I am so incredibly thankful that I did though, and I am also incredibly thankful that he’s not known as the “ladies man” anymore. 😉 

Fact #2: I tore my ACL, MCL, and Meniscus playing volleyball my junior year of high school.

I was going up for a hit (spike) and when I landed, my knee locked up and I fell to the ground.  Needless to say, this was not an enjoyable experience!  It was at the very beginning of our volleyball season, and I was having a great season so far with high hopes of being one of the starting six and a possibility of looking to play in college.  Unfortunately my knee injury didn’t allow for either of those hopes.  I had surgery on it and it still gives me issues sometimes, but at least it’s fixed!


Fact #3:  My favorite candy (bar) in the whole wide world is Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

The good ol’ traditional peanut butter cups are my favorite.  I eat the outside of them first and then eat the center, which is the most amazing bite ever. 


Fact #4:  I am 100% DUTCH baby! 

Yup, I am all Dutch…every little bit of me.  This means I am incredibly frugal, far from petite, have a (Dutch) booty, and have lighter hair and features. 😉


Fact #5:  The one food I could never ever get sick of is peanut butter.

I could seriously eat a whole jar of peanut butter in one day if I allowed myself.  I make sure I ration myself to 2 tablespoons a day otherwise I’d spend WAY too much money on peanut butter, and I don’t think my tummy would be very happy if I ate a whole jar every day. 

Fact #6: My two favorite movies are “Marley and Me” and “The Blindside”.

“Marley and Me” reminds me exactly of what our life is like with our yellow lab, Ryan.  I swear Marley and Ryan are the same dog.  Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston’s relationship in the movie also is very similar to Cody’s and mine, so it just makes me smile. 🙂


“The Blindside” was such an inspirational film.  It made me cry as much as I laughed.


Fact #7: One of my biggest dreams in life has always been to be a mom.  (A great one like my momma nonetheless!)

I am now supposed to tag seven other bloggers.  Here they are:

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Hope you enjoyed my random facts page!  Have a great rest of your evening!

12 Comments to “7 Random Facts”

  1. Love this sweetie – congrats!!! I tried to log on so I could “like” it but I’m having issues with sign-ons and passwords. Will get it figured out when I’m not so tired. Know that I love you!!! momma

  2. the story of you and your husband is sooo cute!! you are a lucky girl 🙂 and i’m with ya on the peanut butter cups and love of pb… so addicting!

  3. Hey pretty lady thank you for the tag!
    And that story of you and your husband is lovely 🙂
    I eat PB cups the exam same way! The middle is the most magical tasting thing ever

  4. The Blind Side is probably one of my favorite movies. I agree, it’s inspirational and I just laugh and cry the whole way through.

    I love the story of you and your hubby. It’s fun to know someone for so long and then end up being made for each other! 🙂

  5. Aw that is so cute about you and your husband!! I’m obsessed with reese’s peanut butter cups and peanut butter as well :). Hope you have a great day love!

  6. Yay thanks for tagging me! Hopefully I’ll get power back soon so I can do a good response post! I love that pic of you and your husband and the story behind it- so cute!

  7. the blind side is one of my favorite movies too! it’s so well made and an incredible story. i agree with you about laughing and crying the whole way through! and i’m definitely starting to have to ration my PB, because i have expensive taste in it ( PB & Co… a blessing and a curse) and could also eat the whole jar at once!

  8. Heyyy I’m glad to find another Dutchie out there! Although I’m only 50% Dutch 🙂
    I loved the Blindside- such an inspirational movie!

  9. So glad that “ladies man” chose you!

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