Eating Healthy On A Budget

by Ashley

Eating healthy on a budget?  Is that even possible?!  YES!  IT IS POSSIBLE!  I’ve received emails about this, and it’s something that I too, have to evaluate from time to time.  Eating healthy definitely can be expensive but it also can be done.

It can almost feel overwhelming when you have a food budget to stick to and all of these healthy foods that you WANT to buy are just so darn expensive.  Many people assume it’s just not even possible, but I can assure you, they’re wrong!  It IS possible.  My husband and I are far from the wealthiest couple on the block, and we still manage to stock our refrigerator and pantry with healthy foods while only spending about $50 per week on groceries!  How do we do it, you may ask?  Let me share some tips:

  • Buy what you can in bulk!  We go through milk, bread, eggs, yogurt, and chicken like it’s nothin’, so we try our best to purchase those goods from Costco.  (Make sure you compare prices to your local grocery store though!  We have found that some things aren’t necessarily cheaper just because they’re in bulk.)
  • Stock up on non perishables when they’re on sale.  Frozen vegetables, canned soups, peanut butter, rice, etc. can all be stored for awhile, so stock up!
  • Buy the generic brand.  I understand that some foods MUST be the name specific brand (i.e. my Adam’s Natural Crunchy Peanut Butter 🙂 ), but some foods you will barely notice a difference between the generic and name brand.  The generic brands are usually significantly cheaper, and even if they’re only a few cents cheaper, it adds up!
  • Purchase your “necessity items” each week (i.e. milk, bread, etc.), but opt for the “extras” only sometimes.  For example, we ALWAYS have peanut butter in our house, but I could easily buy every other nut butter out there too.  However, I choose to only allow myself to buy an extra nut butter once every few months. 
  • Don’t waste your money on junk food items such as chips, sugary cereals, processed/packaged desserts.  For one, they’re usually way over priced (a cereal box can be $5 these days!), and they hardly fill you up!  Wouldn’t you rather spend extra money on nutritious, satisfying foods than sugary, processed, NOT satsifying foods??  I certainly would.  If you’re really having a hankering for something sweet, bake a batch of cookies!  Something salty?  Buy some pretzels!  At least they’re better for you than chips.


  • Use coupons.  I haven’t seriously gotten into couponing because it takes a lot of extra time, but I always go through our mail to see if I can find some good ones.  Even if it’s only a 25 cents off coupon, it adds up!
  • Only buy what you need.  So many people walk out of the grocery store with baskets full of food that they never even finish.  That’s a waste of money and food.  As my parents always told me, don’t let your eyes be bigger than your stomach. 
  • Make a grocery list.  It’s tempting to grab everything and anything in sight that looks appealing if you don’t have a list.  Make it a priority to check your pantry and refrigerator to see what items you need and add them to a list before you go grocery shopping. 
  • Buy produce that’s “in season”.  Produce being sold that’s not “in season” will be pretty pricey compared to the “in season” produce.  Not only that, but the “out of season” produce probably won’t taste very good anyways so don’t waste your moo-lah on it.   
  • Go to farmer’s markets to buy quality and inexpensive produce.  It’s incredible what you’re able to come home with without spending a ton of money. 


  • Make meals that don’t have an outrageously long list of ingredients.  The more ingredients, the more money you spend! 

I hope these tips help!  I share this with you because I know what it’s like to have a desire to eat healthy and have healthy foods on hand but be on a budget.  I want you to know that it is possible! 

P.S.  This is your LAST CHANCE to put an entry in for the “Nutty Granola” I shared with you yesterday!  I will announce the winners tomorrow morning!


  • What are some tips you have to eat healthy on a budget?
  • What’s your favorite place to get groceries?
  • What healthy meals do you make that are inexpensive?

4 Comments to “Eating Healthy On A Budget”

  1. Awesome post! This is super good info for college students on a low budget! ill keep it in mind when i go to college! lol even tho it’s like 4 years away for me 😛

  2. hehe i love your shopping list- i have something quite similar that i love to use too, altho mine doesn’t have a cupcake on it (sad face!!)

    xoxo ❤

  3. Great tips! I always have a list on my fridge where we can write down things when we run out and then make a list based on the meals we plan for the week. It’s tough to stick it but it certainly pays off. We shop at Aldi for most of our foods. It’s a very small store that carries their own brands. Most of the food is great and the produce is fantastic. Plus, because it’s their own brand names it is WAY less expensive. There are a few things we have to get at the regular grocery store but on the whole we can stock up and save tons.

    I can’t wait to see who wins your yummy granola giveaway!

  4. Such great tips! The one about always buying necessities and only sometimes splurges is so true and such a money saver! I am all about meal planning then grocery shopping. If it’s not on the list I don’t buy it…. At least most of the time 😉

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