Crock Pot Wonders

by Ashley

I am a huge lover of the Crock Pot we got for our wedding.  (Thanks, Linds!)  In fact, sometimes I wonder just how I ever lived without one of these things.  I can easily think of a long list of reasons why my Crock Pot is so dear to my heart: it magically makes delicious meals; it overwhelms our house with a wonderful aroma; it makes for an easy clean up; it doesn’t heat up the house; and all I have to do is dump the ingredients in, turn it on, wait several hours, and viola!  

Well friends, last night was one of those great smelling, easy peasy, delicious Crock Pot meals in our house.  I put a few chicken breasts in and covered them with Famous Dave’s Rich & Sassy BBQ sauce (our fave), added a little water so it wouldn’t try out, and left for work.  Seven hours later I came home to a house filled with the yummy aroma of barbecued chicken, and I immediately became hungry.  I especially got hungry when I opened the lid to shred the chicken up.  Of course I sampled a bite (or four). 

We made pulled barbecue chicken sandwiches out of this magical little pot of shredded chicken.  I ran out of sandwich thins, so I just put mine on a piece of whole wheat bread, and Cody used a traditional hamburger bun.  I added sides of corn on the cob and sauteed zuchinni.  It was a darn good little combo! 

This Crock Pot barbecue shredded chicken is definitely one of the “easier” of the many other easy recipes out there.  I received this fabulous cookbook from my aunt this past year that I like to explore through sometimes.  It has more Crock Pot recipes than I could have ever imagined!  I definitely recommend it!


I tend to put my Crock Pot to use more during the cooler months.  Something about coming home to the “comfort” of a hot meal is always appealing when it’s chilly outside.  I suppose during the warmer months we use our grill outside more too which replaces our Crock Pot meals.  You know what the great thing about fall is though?  We can use both our Crock Pot and grill!  Score!  I think I’m slowly but surely talking myself into being more amped for cooler weather.  Slowly but surely…


  • Do you own a Crock Pot/slow cooker?  If so, how often do you use it?
  • What are some of your favorite Crock Pot recipes?  (Link me up! 🙂 ) 

6 Comments to “Crock Pot Wonders”

  1. I actually have two crockpots…not sure why. I love them! I agree with you though, we use ours way more in the fall and winter months. I really enjoy using it for hearty stews and soups that are perfect for those cooler days.

  2. i just wrote about my crock pot(s) today!! i’ve done the same thing with chicken that you did… so good!

  3. I love my crock pot. Great for working ladies. My favorite is a pork butt or sirloin roast. A little seasoned salt and pepper and an envelope of dry onion mushroom soup mix sprinkled over. No water added. Set it on low all day and it is delicious! If I want pulled pork sandwiches I will add a can of low sodium cream of mushroom soup with it.

  4. I love my crockpot! Since I just got a new job that may require me to be working when the boyfriend gets home from work, I plan on using it on a regular basis. I love making pulled pork in it and I have tried some recipes using the Philadelphia cooking creams. Definitely makes delicious meals!

  5. I think we have 3 in varying sizes. I use my smallest one at least weekly to make a batch of steel cut oats for breakfast. I divide it up into serving size containers, refrigerate, and microwave when needed. Works great! I’ve discovered that it’s pure torture to use the crockpot for dinner if you’re going to be home all day. You’re smelling those great aromas for hours and it seems like suppertime will never come!

  6. I looove using the crock pot! i usually just throw in some bbq sauce and tempeh and let it cook for 3 hours on high or 7 on low 🙂 suchhhh a quick and easy dinner! (and delicious!)

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