Peaceful Morning

by Ashley

My alarm was set for 6:45 this morning, but my body decided it wanted to wake up at 6:10 this morning.  I have no idea why, but I was okay with it considering I always appreciate some extra peace and quiet in the morning.  I eased out of bed, fed the pups, brewed some coffee, and enjoyed my “oats in a mug“. 

As I was eating my breakfast and sipping my coffee, I enjoyed watching the sun come up over the mountain peaks.  We have a pretty good view of one of the largest mountains in Utah right outside our front door, and it always amazes me to see the sun rise and set over it.  God sure did paint a beautiful earth!

I had already decided last night that I was going to go on a long walk this morning rather than my usual run.  My body needed a break, and I know it appreciated it.  After my devotion time and some blogging, I headed out the door with Ryan and Molly.  I think Molly was especially excited to tag along this morning because usually I only take Ryan.  (Molly is a little older and has a hard time keeping up on runs.)

It was such a perfect, peaceful morning.  There was an autumn chill in the air, the sun was still rising, and it was still and quiet.  Initially I wasn’t thrilled to only walk this morning, but I realized that I notice so much more when I am walking rather than running.  The details of the scenery and sounds around me are that much more apparent and real to me.  I decided that I need to take more time to take early morning walks this fall.  The stillness and the beauty of an early morning is such a marvelous thing. 


  • Do you like early mornings?
  • If you do like what early mornings, what is it that you appreciate most about them?

4 Comments to “Peaceful Morning”

  1. That picture is really beautiful! I’m jealous! hehe
    I do like early mornings- I’m definitely more of a go to bed early and wake up early kinda gal. I just like some free time in the morning to get ready at my own pace and enjoy some “me time” before going to work!

  2. I love mornings because of how quiet and peaceful they are! I like feeling like I’m the only one awake (and I don’t have to deal with the noise that I usually deal with living downtown!)

  3. I love mornings when no body is outside and it’s really quiet 🙂 i hate busy loud and grumpy mornings! i usually hav bad mornings when they are too early because i hav school 😦

  4. The early morning is actually my favorite time of the day. I love how still and peaceful everything is!

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