Great Harvest Pit Stop

by Ashley

Guess where I stopped on my way home from work today?! 

I made a Great Harvest pit stop!  Let me tell you, it was most definitely a fabulous idea.  I have only been to Great Harvest Bread Company once before about a year ago, but I only vaguely remember it.  I do remember how delicious my sample piece of bread was, but didn’t think much of it again after that.  Then I started reading Kath’s blog…  Reading how delicious all of her goodies and breads from her Great Harvest bakery are every day convinced me that I need to go back and buy a loaf of my own.  I also just discovered as I was looking up Utah locations online that there is a Great Harvest right on my way home from work.  Perfect!

Tonight my plan was to make a chicken parmesan dish for dinner.  I wanted to get some bread to go with it, so I thought Great Harvest might be a good choice to pick some up.  I was famished by the time I got off work, so I figured a free sample slice (I love how they call them “samples” when they slice you a hunkin’ piece) would be a nice treat too.  The nice girl at the counter offered me a sample slice right when I walked in, and I immediately agreed to one.  At first I thought my choice would be difficult, until I spotted the chocolate chip pumpkin loaf.  Of course I requested a piece of it and couldn’t wait to eat it.  Someone was waiting behind me, so I quickly bought a loaf of this goodness and headed out the door before I bought the whole bakery.

As I got into my car, I gobbled up that chocolate chip pumpkin bread so quick I don’t even know if I had time to breathe.  Yes, people, it was THAT good!  I am totally not exaggerating here either.  It was perfectly moist, sweet, flavorful, and had just the right amount of chocolate chips in it.  Obviously it was in my belly before I even thought about snapping a picture of it, but you get the idea.  It was probably a wise decision not to buy a loaf of the chocolate chip pumpkin bread to take home, otherwise I might just have eaten the entire loaf on my way home. 😉

The loaf that actually ended up home with me is quite good too.  Yes, I already sampled it.  If you notice in the above picture, the end is nibbled off…that would be me a mouse.  As I said, they call it their Three Cheese Garlic Bread.  It is so dense, and has a perfect blend of garlic and cheese.  I think it’ll go perfectly with tonight’s dinner!  I have a feeling Great Harvest might start being a frequent pit stop on my way home from work… Uh oh! 🙂


  • Have you ever tried Great Harvest’s breads?
  • Do you have a favorite bakery that you frequently buy baked goods from?
  • What are you cookin’ up for dinner tonight?

14 Comments to “Great Harvest Pit Stop”

  1. YUMMM I love Great Harvest! As a kid, my favorite was the Cinnamon Chip. I would toast a huge hunk and spread with copious amounts of butter 🙂
    Now I like that kind, but also the seedy/grainy ones

  2. I used to stop at Great Harvest alot until I had a job change. There was not near my usual travels, but now with my new job I have seen a few and know where they have locations again. Yikes! I loved everything I ever purchased from them. I have no bakery stops these days…try to avoid, because I will probably buy something I shouldn’t and eat the whole loaf in a day. Dinner tonight is BLT with fresh from the garden tomatoes!

  3. Wow that sounds good! I’ve never heard of Great Harvest, but hope I can find it around here. Near us there’s a farmer’s market with a baker stand. His bread is amazing! We buy all different varieties and each one is unique and delicious.

  4. We had a Great Harvest in Montana…fantastic breads!!! You could also get sandwiches there that were super!! You should try the apple streusel bread they make!!!

  5. I’ve never had great harvest bread but I have one down the street from my school! I”ll try it! I had to go to wegman’s for dinner because I had an awkward break between class and my meeting at 9:30! ick!

    • Oh please, please try it. And make sure you have a piece of their chocolate chip pumpkin bread for me. Or heck, just buy the whole loaf. You won’t be sorry you did! 🙂

  6. i ate a free slice of GH bread almost every day in high school for lunch. gotta save that lunch money, right? i am having cereal for dinner. yesss.

  7. I wish there was a Great Harvest bakery near me! I used to go with my parents all time time at the end of high school. My favorite was the pumpkin chocolate chip! And the red white and blue berry bread they do for the fourth of July. They also do great rolls you can order for Thanksgiving or Christmas. I wish they did mail order!

  8. I’ve only had great harvest once before, a free slice + load of sunflower seed bread… or something like that. I was in love by the first bite!

  9. souds exquisite. how you were not at this store everyday like i would have been, i do not know. we all need to live and lear 🙂 well i wish great harvest was in my area, sadly they are hot 😦 we do have some of the best bagels outside the Brooklyn, NY area 🙂 in the hutdson valley. i am exsited to see what other great breads you buy 🙂 till then thank you for the gurgling tummy 🙂

  10. I have never tried Great Harvest, but that looks so yummy! I always but Ezekiel sesame seed bread and love it.

    Last night I went out to dinner and had to most delicious whole wheat “guitar style” noodles with roasted cauliflower, olive oil, basil, and garlic. It was incredible : )

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