Brightening Someone’s Day

by Ashley

Have you ever had a day or even a moment that you felt like you brightened someone’s whole day?  I experienced that this morning, and it immediately put my day on the right note.  Better yet, I was able to brighten their day through exercise! 

If you may have remembered, I mentioned about a month ago in one of my previous posts that I was asked to start teaching the senior exercise class at my church (where I am also the Children’s Director).  We call it the “Seniors’ Fit For Life” class.  I was thrilled to take over, as I had substituted for the previous teacher several times over the summer and loved it.  The ladies always cracked me up and it helped mix up my day a bit.

We have fun using these balls…

These resistence tubes…

And these resistence bands… 

This morning I was ready to teach and looking forward to it, as always.  However, I was quite disappointed when only one lady showed up!  I decided to lead the class as I normally would but was still bummed more didn’t show up.  I remembered a few of them telling me they would be out of town or had doctor’s appointments, but I didn’t expect only one person. 

I thought the one lady that came might be discouraged to find that she was the only one to show up, but fortunately I was wrong.  She was just as excited to get going with her workout.  It relieved me and made me more excited to teach.  We had such an enjoyable hour together!  We talked and laughed the whole time.  She kept telling me how great I was at teaching the class and it was exactly what she needed. 

As she left, she gave me a huge hug and told me that I made her day.  I couldn’t keep a smile off of my face after that moment.  Getting to see someone’s excitement about exercising or reaching their goals or just feeling good after a fun workout is so rewarding to me.  It’s probably the biggest thing I miss from my personal training days.  I suppose it’s something I can look forward to now as I am leading this class!  Now I’m just hoping more ladies will show up next week. 😉


  • What is something that you like to do to brighten someone’s day?
  • What is something that someone ELSE can do to brighten YOUR day?

3 Comments to “Brightening Someone’s Day”

  1. Aww that is such a sweet story!
    I make it a point to try and give compliments to others often. It’s just a small act of kindness to make someone smile.

  2. I’m sure that lady is telling her grandkids all about you! My favorite part of my morning run is saying hi to this old man who is always walking. He is always in the same clothes and is always smiling. It puts me in a good mood.

  3. Aww! I love brightening days, but i love it when people brighten mine as well 😀

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