Running, Shopping, and Baking

by Ashley

Running, shopping, and baking… three of my favorite things to do.  If you read some of my earlier posts, you probably have read that I work (at my church) Monday/Wednesday/Friday/half Sunday.  I changed my schedule recently to Monday/Wednesday/Thursday/half Sunday to be able to teach the senior’s exercise class on Thursdays so I wouldn’t have to commute more than I had to.  I didn’t know what I’d think of my new schedule.  I started to get used to working one day, and having one day off.  However, I think I like having Fridays off… it’s nice to get “finished” by Thursday.  I finished all of the housework and laundry on Monday and Tuesday, so I decided to make this a running, shopping, and baking kind of day!  I can’t complain one bit about that. 

I started my day off with my Peanut Butter ‘N’ Banana Pancakes and coffee while catching up on some blogs.  After my food settled, I ventured out on my run with Ryan.   When we got back, I decided to take Molly on a little walk around the block to make sure she felt special too.  Overall, we covered a little over four miles, including my short walk with Molly, so I felt pretty accomplished (and SWEATY).  

After getting cleaned up, I lounged around the house a bit until I got hungry for some lunch.  Chelsey gave me some motivation in her morning post to make a beastly salad for lunch today.  I’m so glad she did!  On a thick bed of spinach leaves, I put black beans, leftover Mexican brown rice, tomato, and cilantro.  It was refreshing and delicious!



After lunch, I ventured out to run some errands.  One very important errand was getting Cody’s birthday present.  (His birthday is next Wednesday!)  Unfortunately, I can’t go too much in depth on that one, otherwise he’ll figure it out.  Another stop was WinCo, which I had talked about and reviewed in this post.  It is now one of my favorite places to get groceries!  I headed there because it was on my way home, I had some coupons, and I needed some special “bulk” ingredients (they have tons of bulk bins) for a few yummy recipes I’ll be sharing with you throughout the weekend.  I also made a special stop to Starbucks!  I haven’t been there in forever, and I rarely go unless I have a gift card.  It was my lucky day though because I found a long lost Starbucks gift card in my wallet this afternoon!  I was quite excited.  I was trying to decide between a pumpkin spiced latte or a mocha light frappucino (hot or cold?)… it was a tough decision.  I opted for the frappucino.


When I got home, I got to work on a couple different baking projects.  My first one was this one. 

Yes, you’re seeing them correctly.  They are, in fact, sugar cookies in the shape of feet.  They are for a special activity I am planning for a meeting I have with my children’s ministry volunteers after church on Sunday.  They are supposed to go along with my meeting theme, “J.U.M.P.: Jesus Use Me Please”.  “JUMP”… feet… get it?  Haha, ok, so maybe it’s kind of corny, but it’s fun nonetheless. 

My next baking project was for a family reunion that we are going to tomorrow for Cody’s dad’s side of the family.  We were asked to bring a dessert, so I made these little guys.  I call them “Trail Mix Cookies”.  You’ll have to wait for the recipe though…  I gotta leave a little suspense!  I can promise you that they are quite delicious.  (I sampled one a couple. 😉 )  Stay tuned for the recipe tomorrow!

Hopefully they get polished off at the reunion tomorrow because these babies are dangerous to have lying around my kitchen! 

I’m off to spend some quality time with the hubs… He’s had some long work days this week, so I feel like I’ve barely seen him!  Good night!


5 Comments to “Running, Shopping, and Baking”

  1. Ashley, just wanted to leave you a comment and say I’m loving your blog! I’m putting you on my blogroll on mine, and those trailmix cookies look delicious!

  2. The cookie idea is adorable. 😀

  3. aww those feet are so cute! I’m excited to hear about Cody’s bday and what you got for him 🙂

  4. awww the little feet are soooo cute!!! And so creative 🙂

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