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August 29, 2011

How Do You Overcome Your Sweet Tooth Cravings?

by Ashley

It’s Monday already?!  This weekend seemed to just fly by!  Nonetheless, it was a great weekend.  If you missed anything, here’s a recap:

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This morning I wanted to hear your thoughts and advice on how you overcome your sweet tooth cravings… You know, the times where you just can’t stop craving something sweet?  You have a tiny brownie with hopes that will cure it, but you just want another one, and another one, and another one… 😉  Please tell me I’m not the only one that deals with this!  Maybe you don’t have as big of a sweet tooth as I do, but you are more of a savory person.  You savory people out there have to have cravings too (I hope!)… 

I started to think about this last night when our neighbors brought over these AMAZING zuchinni chocolate chip muffins.  (We are blessed with so many great neighbors!)  They were so incredibly delicious.  Even better, she brought them over right after she took them out of the oven so they were fresh and warm and heavenly.  I had to try one, of course, and I’m so glad I did!  It started out with me telling myself that I was just going to have a half of one to try since I was full from dinner, and that definitely didn’t happen.  I easily downed the whole thing and didn’t regret one bite.  Cody and I went on our evening walk with the pups (aren’t they so stinkin’ cute?!) and watched an episode of “LOST” on Netflix.

By then my feelings of fullness subsided, and I started thinking about something sweet again.  My mind immediately went back to the fabulous muffins.  So then another one ended up in my tummy.  Ahhh just as yummy as the first one.  Then I started wanting something else sweet!  Seriously, Ashley?!  I was getting somewhat irritated with myself because I just wanted this sweet craving to go far, far away.  I didn’t really understand why I was craving sweets so much… I don’t deprive myself during the week, I enjoy some sort of sweet treat each day, and I didn’t feel as though it was an “emotional” side effect.  I truly think I am just doomed with an incredibly large sweet tooth (thanks parents!), and for whatever reason it decided to make a nice long visit last night.   

So I am curious, how do you overcome your LARGE sweet tooth cravings (or any type of cravings)? 

Do you have any special “self control tactics”? 

What sort of foods do you resort to when you’re having a craving?

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