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September 8, 2011

Circuit Stations Workout

by Ashley

Hey all!  I have a new workout for you today!  Are you ready!?!?!  It’s a circuit workout that includes strength, cardio, and core work.  Circuit workouts are my favorite, so it puts a big smile on my face when I think about it!

Below you will see the workout.  This workout is probably best recommended for intermediate or higher levels of fitness.  The strength exercises use both your upper and lower body at the same time which challenges your body even more.  Some of the exercises I “invented” or they are not as well known so I linked them to a description of how to do them or I put an asterik (*) with an explanation at the bottom.  Please don’t hesitate to email me or comment if you have questions about it!

Circuit Stations Workout

Directions: In each station, there will be a strength exercise, a cardio exercise, and a core exercise.  You will go through each exercise for one minute and move directly to the next one.  Go through each station two times, and then move onto the next station.  You will need 5-10 lb. dumbbells and a floor mat.  This will take you about 30 minutes. 

Station #1: Squat to shoulder press (strength); cross country skiing (cardio); oblique crunches (core)

Station #2: Side lunge with bicep curl (strength); bear crawls (cardio); 1-2-3 situps* (core)

Station #3: Sumo squat with overhead tricep extensions (strength); rockstar jumps** (cardio); walking plank*** (core)

Station #4: Row in squat position (strength); jumping lunges (cardio); rope climbers**** (core)

* 1-2-3 situps: go up 1/3 of the way into a sit up and hold for a beat, go back down and then go back up 2/3 of the way into a sit up and hold for a beat, go back down and then go all the way up into a sit up and hold for a beat.  Keep repeating.

** Rockstar jumps: Jump as high as you can in the air with both feet kicked behind you.  Kind of like a butt kick with both feet.

***Walking plank: Start in a push up position.  Go down on your elbow/forearms, walk up onto your hands, and go back down on your elbows/forearms.  Keep repeating.  Make sure to keep your hips straight.

****Rope climbers: Lie on your back like you’re going to do a crunch.  Twist your torso as you come up into a crunch and keep your hands up like your climbing a rope.  Go back and forth to each side. 

Try this out and let me know how you like it!  Have a great day!

August 20, 2011

Yoga and Frozen Yogurt

by Ashley

First, let’s just clarify that I love frozen yogurt WAY MORE than yoga.  Not that they’re even comparable or anything, but just sayin’.  In fact, I probably like most things in life more than yoga.  I gave it a shot again this morning, but I guess I’m just not a “yoga person”.  First of all, I just suck at it.  I feel awkward and laugh at myself pretty much the whole time.  Second of all, I just enjoy more intensity I think.  I love that “high” you get from running like a crazy person or doing too many burpees. 

I think I had this look on my face pretty much the whole time I was doing my yoga DVD this morning.  (What the heck am I doing?!)

In no way am I trying to “diss” yoga whatsoever.  In fact, I totally admire all you yoga-ers out there because I wish I could do it.  I have tried way too many times to count, and yeah, let’s just say no yoga for Ashley.  Good thing I was in my living room and no one could see me because it would have been quite the entertainment I am sure.  Maybe in a year I’ll forget how awkward I felt and how I was laughing at myself the entire time, and try it again.  I do have to say that it did help loosen up my incredibly sore body.  Thank goodness because I felt like I was moving like a 95 year old woman when I got out of bed this morning. 

Anyways, on to more exciting things… FROZEN YOGURT!  I met one of my good friends I use to work with at a new frozen yogurt place that we hadn’t been to before.  It was, “eh”.  There weren’t very many flavors or toppings compared to some of my other favorite places.  I think I am starting to get snobby about frozen yogurt places.  Regardless, my frozen yogurt tasted de – lish!  I totally forgot to snap a photo of my bowl because I was so excited about eating it.  Oops!  That always happens with me when it comes to frozen yogurt or ice cream.  I had a mix of Caramel Fudge Eclair, Banana, and Vanilla flavored fro-yo with a sprinkle of chopped pecans, a sprinkle of Butterfinger “crumbs”, and a couple little chunks of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.  Yummy in my tummy.

I also had a wonderful time with this beautiful lady.  (I did remember to get a picture of us…whew!)

I miss working with her so much!  It was really nice to catch up with her and hear how she has been doing.  I think we sat there and chatted for close to two hours!  It was great.  I love good friends. 


  • Do you enjoy yoga?  (Please tell me how to!)
  • What’s your favorite frozen yogurt combinations? (i.e. flavors and toppings)





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