September 11, 2011

Sunday Recap

by Ashley

Did this weekend fly by or what?!  Man, I just don’t even know where it went.  If your weekend flew by like mine and you’re wanting to catch up on some of my weekend posts, here they are:

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Personal Questions Part II

Yesterday was a crazy, nonstop day.  (Hence the lack of pictures taken.  Oops.)  I felt like a chicken with its head cut off from about 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.  Sunday mornings can always be a little hectic for me because I am trying to make sure all of my volunteers have the supplies they need, the kids are where they are supposed to be, and everyone is doing what they need to be doing.  Although chaotic, I also love every bit of it.  Getting to see my volunteers’ loving and willing smiles, receiving warm hugs from my church family, and seeing all of the children’s bright and cheery faces each Sunday make my week. 

I was feeling a little bit more “all over the place” than usual yesterday because I conducted my first quarterly meeting with all of my Children’s Ministry volunteers after church.  I was very excited for it as I have been organizing it for the past month or so, but also a little nervous.  I wanted people to enjoy the meeting and leave with the feeling that they got something out of it. 

We had a fabulous lunch that consisted of various chicken salad, turkey, and ham croissant sandwiches, salad, and cookies.  I haven’t had a croissant in way too long, and it was heavenly.  I love the buttery, soft, flavorful taste of them.  The activities I had planned (including the one involving the foot cookies) turned out to be a success.  I think my goal of everyone enjoying themselves and getting something out of the meeting was achieved!  I received positive feedback from it, and I hope everyone else thought it went as well as I did. 

We had a small group get-together/barbecue soon after the meeting ended.  After I finished cleaning up from the meeting, Cody and I hightailed it to Costco to pick up some milk, bread, peanut butter, and one of their lifesaver pre-mixed salads to bring to the barbecue.  We stopped at home to drop off the groceries and make the salad, and left in a rush to get to the barbecue in time.  The salad we brought from Costco is one of my favorites.  It’s a premix of various lettuces, cabbage, spinach, candied almonds, feta cheese, dried cranberries, and a vinagarette dressing.  It’s incredibly easy to throw together and is quite tasty too.

A friend sent us home from church with some mega pumpkin muffins that I decided to share with everyone at the barbecue too.  Cody doesn’t like pumpkin, and I know I could easily finish those babies off in no time if I chose not to share.  It was a tough parting for me and the pumpkin muffins, but I did it.  🙂


We had a really nice time at the barbecue with everyone.  Our hosts grilled a variety of spare ribs, polish sausages, bratwurst, and stadium sausages.  Everyone was asked to bring a side dish so there was plenty of food to go around.  I enjoyed a stadium sausage, half of a corn on the cob, a heaping side of salad, and a couple pieces of sushi (I was so excited someone brought homemade sushi!).  I finished with a small piece of chocolate cake.  I’m not a huge fan of cake, but I was all about the icing! 🙂 

By the time we got home last night, I was ready to plop on the couch and relax.  Needless to say, it was an eventful Sunday, but certainly a wonderful one.

September 11, 2011

Personal Questions Part II

by Ashley

Wow, it’s Sunday already?!  Where did this weekend go?  I would like another three day weekend please!! 

Anyway, because today is in fact Sunday, it is time for a Personal Questions post!  I realized I totally forgot about the start of my new little series last Sunday, so I’m getting on with it today.  Again, these are questions I got from Caitlin’s Personal Questions series (so no, I didn’t just pull them out of nowhere). 

Describe your morning routine today.

Today is Sunday which means my morning routine is different than other days… My alarm clock went off at about 6:45; I let the dogs outside; started brewing some coffee; let the dogs inside to feed them; ate my “oats in a mug”; drank my coffee; now blogging.  After blogging, my morning will continue with devotions, shower, getting dressed/ready, and going to church.  During the week, I usually have a similar routine except that I get up at 6:30, and I go running or workout somewhere in there as well, and I go to work. 

What do you think happens when you die?

I am a Christian, so I believe that my soul will go to be with God in heaven but my physical body will stay here on earth.  I could go way more into depth on this, but I’ll leave it at that.  (If you have questions for me on this, feel free to email me.)

Are you superstitious?

Not at all.  I believe if you have a faith, there should be no reason to be superstitious.  I’m not at all trying to “knock” anyone that is superstitious, but it doesn’t make sense to me for me to be superstitious. 

Do people think you are older or younger than you actually are?

Growing up, people always thought I was older than I really was.  Ever since I got into my 20’s, I’ve had many people think I’m younger than I actually am.  It only bothers me if they actually treat me like I’m a lot younger. 

Have you ever snooped through someone’s things?  Did you find anything interesting?

To be completely honest, I know I have at least once or twice throughout my life, but I cannot for the life of me remember who’s things or what I found.  It must have not been that interesting or exciting!

Well, there you go…5 more personal Q & A’s for ya.  Look forward to Part III next Sunday!  (I’ll try my best not to forget! 😉 )  Also, if you ever have any questions you’d like answered, feel free to email me with them, and I’ll add them to the list.  Have a great Sunday!

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